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General Forums - Polls, Pictures, Announcements, Etc.

Discussions that do not fit in other forums but are about the Green Industry.
7,644 95,570
Post pictures of your work, vehicles, equipment, tools, and other business related pictures.
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8,427 243,135
Let us know a little about yourself and your lawn care and landscaping business. Let us know who you are, where you are from, and what equipment you started with and how far you have come along in the business.
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2,020 11,375
Create or Join Polls For Lawn Care & Landscape Business Owners. You are also invited to answer surveys created specifically by the LawnSite Staff and Sponsors of the site as well.
739 13,908
Ask Questions About The Site & Make Suggestions for Improvement.
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Offers, Discounts, & Announcements Made by Our Sponsors for members!
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Recent Headlines from

Recent Headlines from

Turf Magazine - Getting Smarter - Successful irrigation beyond "smart" technology
Getting Smarter
Your iPad can help you quickly find a recipe for just about anything, but it can't cook the meal for you. Your smartphone can help you keep track of your important meetings, but it's stil... Read More
A Half-Century Perspective
From push-mowing lawns to building retaining walls to installing green roofs, Matt Stano has learned the landscaping business from the ground up over the last 50 years. With demographi... Read More
"Dirty Jobs" Guy Says U.S.A. Needs Dirty Hands
The mikeroweWORKS Foundation seeks to re-educate youth to the virtues of learning new skills and working hard to achieve success. Ask landscape maintenance company owners what is thei... Read More
One Classy Operation
Mariani Landscape lies 13.13 miles north by northwest from Chicago's Union Station. Given the scurrying ant-like activity at the massive, noisy train station where I arrived, and the primly ... Read More
The Power of a Group of Advisors
Many business owners and managers belong to industry-related peer groups or advisory boards. They find a group of their peers sharing their knowledge and experience to be very beneficial to ... Read More
What's New!
Deal with Debris The 8-bushel BOSS-Vac Collection Systems from BOB-CAT was created for its FastCat mowers, and are available in either a Dump From Seat or a two-bag model. The front c... Read More
Who Wins With the Lowest Price ... Really?
It's that time of year again: summer. Despite the late start to the season in the the Midwest and Northeast, in particular, as well as the drought in regions of the West, landscape businesse... Read More
Deck the Halls
Do you desire uniqueness? Many steel structures can now be outlined using lights with a magnetic base. In recent years, holiday lighting and decorating has become an attractive suppleme... Read More
Bioswales and Rain Gardens the Right Way
A properly designed, installed and maintained rain garden can be as beautiful as it is functional. Some landscape features just need to look nice and others need to perform. Rain gar... Read More
Today's Customer Is Different
There's no doubt the landscaping business has changed in recent years. In 1986, when U.S. Lawns was founded, the commercial market was less crowded, less competitive and something of a... Read More
Breaking Down the Barriers
Some habits in the workplace are hard to break, whether it's a giant white board where managers track completed assignments, handwritten timesheets from multiple jobs that must be turned in ... Read More
So a Customer is Upset, What to do Next?
I have upset customers at times; we all do. There are lots of reasons that customers get upset (more than I can list here), but here are a few extreme and, hopefully, rare ones: The cli... Read More
Recruit the Best (& Skip the Rest)
The two biggest staffing/HR problems business owners and managers face are recruiting new employees and reducing employee turnover. These issues both are linked. The only way to reduce the... Read More
Top 10 Mower Maintenance Musts
Keeping your mower well maintained will reduce expensive repairs and downtime as well as improve its longevity. Photo courtesy of Humphrey's Outdoor Power Equipment. Keep your mower in ... Read More
The Giant Keeps Growing
Giant Landscaping co-owners Tim Boyle, left, and Jeff Lavigne. Giant Landscaping, just over a decade old, has managed, in the last five years during a tough economic climate, to live... Read More
Working at a Sacred Site
Andy Sinque, Lebanon Products area sales manager, spent the morning hauling and spreading mulch around the base of trees at the site. The Statue of Liberty towers 305 feet 6 inches tall... Read More
It's the Massey Way
All team members wear similar uniforms but with different color schemes for different market segments. How do you build a successful business that generates more than $160 million in... Read More
Butterflies, Bees and Birds! Oh My!
A bird's-eye view of Shoemaker Green taken from Franklin Field. This SITES Certified Project is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Patrons linger at the outdoor seating section of an urban... Read More
Do What You Do Best
Todd Dechant, left, Oxcart inventor, and Brad Johnson of Lawn America partnered for this past April's Day of Service project at Johnson's alma mater. Brad Johnson learned the key to bus... Read More
Thoughts on Road Debris Liability
We all have a basic understanding of how driver liability works. If you cause an accident by violating traffic laws, it's your responsibility. Run a red light, and you could be on the hook f... Read More
Summer Grassy & Broadleaf Weed Control
Summer weed control can be a challenge, not because of the volume of weeds, but because of the diversity of species present in the turf. They may include perennial broadleaf weeds that escaped or reco... Read More
Sensors Make Sense
Smart irrigation is providing water only when plants need water. Supplemental irrigation is almost always required if your goal is to provide your clients with great lawns. Although ... Read More
Communication that Builds Winning Teams
What were your last 10 or 15 employee conversations like? Chances are they included phrases like, "I need you to finish that project by the end of the day," or "How much longer do you think ... Read More
Developing Turfgrasses for Tomorrow
Dr. Brian Schwartz is a man ahead of his time - as most plant breeders are. The results of the projects he is working on today with his staff at UGA-Tifton won't be seen until at least ... Read More

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Business - Marketing, Insurance, Taxes, Employees, Software, & More!

Learn How To Start A Lawn Care Business, A Landscaping Business, And Discuss Questions and Issues Around Lawn Mowing, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design and Build, Irrigation, Lighting, Fertilization, Water Gardening, and More.
18,858 199,471
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss business related issues, taxes, marketing, employees, licenses, advertising, software, scheduling, billing, insurance, associations, magazines and more!
16,134 169,331
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss all the issues surrounding keeping their employees and job sites safe. Equipment use, transportation, OSHA regulations, weather, apparel, etc.
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98 1,208
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss topics surrounding franchising.
44 710
Lawn Care and Landscaping business owners get to know other business owners and pros in your area. Work together, swap work, or meet for lunch!
Today 01:29 PM Go to last post
2,795 78,600
Lawn Care and Landscape Business owners discuss employment issues, H2B, post job offers, resumes and more!
2,651 10,174
This forum will be used solely for the discussion of web site design, why you should have your own web site, how web sites can help your company, etc, etc, etc.
1,769 16,781
Moose River Media Offers FREE Industry Magazines, helpful bi-weekly e-Reports & Equipment Field Testing.
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271 1,515

Equipment - Marketplace, Repair, Etc.

Nationwide used equipment ads. Members can sell and buy equipment from one another. No commercial/dealer posting allowed.
29,092 180,398
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss the mechanics of Green Industry specific equipment such as blowers, mowers, trimmers, and other manufacturer specific equipment
18,593 133,725
Discuss lawn care and landscaping trucks and accessories, as well as both open trailers and enclosed trailers, and their accessories.
Today 05:11 PM Go to last post
12,059 135,494
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss the use of ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTV (Utility Task Vehicles) for their business.
by Maxify
08-03-2014 03:52 PM Go to last post
45 373
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss heavy equipment used by Green Industry professionals such as dump trucks, bull dozers, tractors and various other machinery
7,253 146,067
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss tractors and the mechanics of equipment geared toward the Green Industry
by rdfenn3
08-13-2014 10:16 PM Go to last post
1,642 11,862
This forum is where you can post information about equipment you have had stolen, including when, where, description, serial numbers, etc.
377 4,305
Lawn Care and Landscaping Business Owners discuss renting and or leasing of equipment such as trenchers, skid steers, dump trucks and more.
Yesterday 11:01 AM Go to last post
80 752

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance - Mowing, Shrubs, Mulching, Etc.

Lawn Care Business Owners Discuss Techniques, Ideas, Strategies, etc.
103,475 1,355,957
Lawn Care Business Owners Discuss Equipment such as Walk Behind Mowers, ZTR Mowers, Line Trimmers, Backpack Blowers, Attachments, etc.
by 2 Cycle
Today 06:11 PM Go to last post
3,947 52,318
Lawn Care and Landscape Business Owners Discuss The Maintenance of An Existing Landscape, Including Mulching, Flower Bed Maintenance, Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Leaf Removal, etc...
5,339 55,876
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss pesticides, herbicides, licensing, legislation, application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
21,020 215,750
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss fertilizers and plant nutrition: application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
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1,982 21,037
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss organic garden management, fertilizing schedules, pricing, organic materials, techniques, weed control, disease, pest control, legislation, licensing, and more!
08-13-2014 10:01 PM Go to last post
2,738 42,153
Lawn Care & Landscape Business Owners Discuss Aeration, Dethatching, Seeding, Soil Amendments, etc...
7,796 62,881
Florida Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss pesticides, herbicides, licensing, legislation, application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
836 12,617
Lawn Care Business Owners and Professionals discussing business management topics that include: Best Practices, Adding/Offering Services, Business Tools, Logistics, Staffing, etc.
by GaryBK
08-13-2014 11:35 PM Go to last post
52 516

Recent Headlines from

Turf Design Build Magazine - Water Smart, Market Smart - Get the edge on smart irrigation marketing by learning from these companies' innovative, award-winning campaigns.
Water Smart, Market Smart
Nearly 75 percent of irrigation professionals promote smart irrigation. This according to HindSite Software's recently released Green Industry Equipment Report. Why is it so important for... Read More
Engage the Senses & Improve Clients' Well-Being
Dianthus barbatus draws a lot of attention in the Zimmerman Sensory Garden, both for its striking appearance and pleasant fragrance. When the senses are engaged in a positive way, th... Read More
Building a Cohesive Leadership Team - Part II
In part I last month, I discussed the composition of a cohesive leadership team, meeting types and frequency, accountability among team members, and systematic problem-solving. In part... Read More
Teresa Watkins
Between weekly airings of her award-winning Central Florida call-in radio show "In Your Backyard," giving down-to-earth advice in her "Gardening with Soul" blogs, teaching gigs for the Unive... Read More
Webinars on Water
The Irrigation Association's webinar series, "Smart Irrigation Month: Bringing Water to Life," brings together water-use experts to discuss current and future turf/landscape issues. ... Read More
Big Equipment for Big Jobs
LBXLink-Belt Spin Ace excavators include the 75 X3, 75 Mono Boom, 80 X3 and 80 Swing Boom with 54 net hp. The 135 provides 95 net hp; the 145 X3 offers 100 hp; and the 225 and 235 X... Read More
Water World
EasyPro Pond ProductsLip extensions have been designed for the company's Vianti Falls line. The 15-inch extension on these spillways extends the waterfall out away from the wall. Thi... Read More
A Funhouse of Views
A rooftop garden in the middle of such a large metropolitan area like New York City is a welcome, cooling haven. As one elevates above the city, this kind of space gives visitors a s... Read More
Hurricane Slowdown? One month into hurricane season, and so far it's working out as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center forethought: a near-normal or below... Read More
Landscapers Discuss Design, Architecture, Installation, Equipment, Plant Stock, Estimating, etc.
Yesterday 02:17 PM Go to last post
10,904 92,074
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss all aspects of irrigation, pricing, bidding, installation, maintenance, manufacturers, books, and various systems.
by skrop
Today 06:28 PM Go to last post
10,376 211,055
Landscapers Discuss Patios, Walls, Drive Ways, Walk Ways and More!
5,429 67,321
Landscape Lighting Designers and Contractors Discuss a Full Spectrum of Issues Involving Outdoor Lighting.
by Chris J
08-18-2014 11:56 PM Go to last post
3,169 44,863
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss the installation and maintenance of ponds, water gardens, along with fish, electricity, rocks, pricing, software, designs, filters, treatment, pumps, waterfalls and more.
08-17-2014 04:32 AM Go to last post
1,273 10,969
Landscaping business owners discuss upcoming industry trade shows you may want to attend or post pictures and information about trade shows you have attended.
37 169

Recent Headlines from

Tree Services Magazine - Solutions that Work - One company's approach to finding the right employees-and keeping them engaged
Solutions that Work
There are no permanent crew assignments at Wachtel Tree Science; rather employees are continually placed on different crews, sometimes on a daily basis, so everyone in the company gets to ... Read More
What's New
Grapples GaloreLand Pride introduces four new skid Grapples in 12 different sizes. The SGC15 Series claw has a durable 6-by-6-inch frame tube for strength and serrated teeth, and is desi... Read More
Get Schooled!
Though it may seem like we were just welcoming the long days of summer, before we know it leaves will be falling and kids will be packing up their backpacks and boarding buses to start anoth... Read More
Spar Pole Rigging
This photo illustrates how close to the rigging and climbing system the climber is operating a saw while spar pole rigging While the title of this column may paraphrase a Cypress Hil... Read More
Portable Sawmills and Log Splitters
Blockbuster, Inc.Blockbuster, Inc. offers eight different sizes of firewood processors with a variety of specifications. Customized machines available to fit customers' needs. http://ww... Read More
Changing Safety Culture
Getting everyone working toward the same goal is vital. Every industry and every business has an established culture. Business culture is much like any other societal culture. In some... Read More
Leaf-Feeding Insects
As the work of tree care interfaces with the insect world, one thing is inevitable: at some point, in some location, for better or worse, insects feed on trees. A good share of the fee... Read More
Skid Steers
Bobcat CompanyThe Bobcat S650 skid steer loader, with non-DPF engine technology, is part of the M-Series line of compact loaders. The S650 has a rated-operating capacity of 2,690 pounds ... Read More
Tree Service Professionals Discuss Different Aspects of Tree Climbing, Pruning, and Felling.
08-18-2014 02:53 PM Go to last post
128 1,012
Tree Service Professionals Discuss Different Types of Equipment and Accessories.
by wep54
08-17-2014 06:22 PM Go to last post
185 1,327
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Use and Application of Different Kinds of Fertilizers and Pesticides. Tree Diseases Are Also Discussed.
08-17-2014 08:53 PM Go to last post
111 598
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Importance of Safety and The Different Types of Safety Accessories Available.
13 67
Tree Service Professionals discuss their sawmilling experiences.
by AmieW
06-12-2013 09:12 AM Go to last post
13 36
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Fire Wood Aspect of The Tree Service Business.
27 380
Announcements, Press Releases, New Products for Tree Services
by Norwood
02-06-2014 11:55 AM Go to last post
66 71

Recent Headlines from

Superintendent Magazine - Irrigation Ultimatum - Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.
Irrigation Ultimatum
You've heard the dire talk about the world running out of fresh water. You also may have heard that the next big war could be fought over water, not oil or land. The talk is unnervin... Read More
A Golf Course Returns From the Dead
In 2009, Southern Hills Golf Course in Danville, Virginia, became a National Golf Foundation statistic - it was one of about 150 golf courses to close that year as part of an industrywide ... Read More
Taking Your Thumps... And Taking It in Stride
Hadn't heard from my old friend Maurice "Moe" Greens in a while, so I gave him a call. He's the golf course superintendent at Pretentious Golf, Polo, Yacht, Bridge and Country Club. I can't... Read More
It's Summer, You're Stressed. How Are You Dealing With It?
If you don't mind, take a moment and answer the following few questions. Are you feeling a little stressed lately? Are you taking your job troubles home with you? Don't have enough... Read More
How Long Will This Fertilizer Last?
EDITOR'S NOTE: Christopher S. Gray Sr., a professional product manager from LebanonTurf, has been addressing fertilizer issues in this special column the last few months. This month, Gray addresses fe... Read More
Little Changes, Big Rewards
It's no secret that golf courses have endured some tough times over the last few years. However, the situation seems to be improving, with more courses now investing in much-needed ren... Read More
Making a Limited Budget Work
There isn't a golf course superintendent in the state of Kansas - and many neighboring states - who in the last 30 years hasn't had Dick Stuntz's contact information in a Rolodex, programmed into ... Read More
BASF Branching Out
BASF's Dan Carrothers (left) and Jonathan Sweat talked plant health and future products at a media summit in June. BASF bills itself as "the chemical company." In time, BASF may add ... Read More
Look Who's Tweeting?
Mark Jordan @Westfield Greens @SuperProblems seems to always work this way ... couple of hours before one of our biggest outings of the year. ... Read More
Who Are These People?
IAN CAMP | Partner, CS Trading LLC Hometown: Liberty, South Carolina (born in Middlesex, England) What's a day in the life for you in your job?: My role in the company is to ... Read More
The Cutting Edge
Chemical-Free Algae ControlLG Sound developed the LG Sonic E-line, an underwater system that emits ultrasound waves to control and prevent common algae. The e-Line incorporates Chame... Read More
Lights, Camera.Turf
Will Schnell rolls the turfgrass in preparation for college football's BCS National Championship game last January. How did a farm kid from a tiny town in Missouri end up in charge ... Read More
On the Mark
JACOBSEN'S Cushman SprayTek has a lowprofile shape for maximum visibility. Accuracy and consistency are two key attributes golf course superintendents look for in a good sprayer, acc... Read More
Fall Infections
Powdery Mildew Disease control in the fall often gets put on the back burner, especially if it's been a tough summer. When faced with a bunch of rough and tumble problems, scou... Read More
Fall Formula for Fertilization
Hard to believe it's that time of year again. Time to start planning for fall and eventually putting the course to bed. It wasn't that long ago that we were (at least, I was) careful... Read More
Talking Insecticides
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second part of a two-part series on insecticide technology. In each segment, representatives from the industry's vast number of chemical companies answer a question in regar... Read More
Here's to Helping You Get in Front of the Problem
Now is the time to prepare for the impending water crisis in the golf industry - if it hasn't already hit your golf course. If you haven't thought about the water crisis at your golf cours... Read More
Watertight Wares
These days, golf course superintendents can't jam enough water-reduction tools in their proverbial toolboxes to help them become better irrigators. Considering the golf industry is enteri... Read More
No Watered-Down Ideas Here
At the U.S. Open in June, Pinehurst No. 2 showed off its single-row irrigation fairways and native areas. This year's U.S. Open at Pinehurst brought back into the forefront of golf m... Read More
Talking turf issues. Discuss all facets of golf course maintenance here.
53 317
Answer questions, win prizes!
12 40
Your take on golf and everything else sports related
07-26-2014 05:57 PM Go to last post
23 152

Additional Industries

Recent Headlines from

Sports Field Management Magazine - Formula for Success - Calibrating helps you get the most out of your sprayer, and the material you're applying
Formula for Success
Think of spray equipment and you might picture tanks, pumps, hoses, valves, nozzles, gauges and booms. But the first tool that should come to mind when you contemplate spraying should ... Read More
Summer of Sports
Sports of all sorts have been dominating the headlines over the past month, the biggest event being, of course, the World Cup. Not surprisingly, the quadrennial tournament of the world's mos... Read More
Retweets! Follow SportsField Management on Twitter @SFM_Magazine. Bats Grounds Crew @batsgrass "Always gotta love kids camps on the field in the middle of homestands" CU Sports Turf @... Read More
New Products Lineup
Gain ControlUnited Turf Alliance introduces ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC, a new liquid formulation of an azoxystrobin fungicide. ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC is labeled for the control of many turfgrass d... Read More
Buyer's Guide 2014
A-Turf Williamsville, NY 888-777-6910 Artificial turf; infill materials; underlayment/pads; field construction services Aer-Flo, Inc. Bradenton, FL 800-823-7356 ... Read More
Diagnosing the Problem- Is it a Disease?
Proper diagnosis is a critical step in the management of plant diseases. Without a solid diagnosis, it's impossible to suggest or develop an adequate management strategy. As with most things... Read More
Need a Ride?
John Deere's Gator TX is designed as an all-around utility vehicle with a light footprint. Need to run out to check the sprinkler on the far field? Have to move some infield mix for a... Read More
Starting From Scratch
Brian Rhodes, head groundskeeper at Leo A. Pinckney Field at Falcon Park, home of the Auburn Doubledays. Sometimes all the maintenance work in the world can't overcome structural defici... Read More
Control Products and Soil Amendments
AQUA-AIDGame Day Sports Turf Surfactant is a proprietary blend of patented wetting agent technologies that provide uniform hydration in the soil profile for optimum plant health and ... Read More
Hello, My Name Is...
What path led you to a career in sports field management? My father was a golf course superintendent for 20-plus years. I played baseball all my life, so it was in my blood to work in this ... Read More
Stove-Top Sports
The news stories typically begin in August every year. Athletes, especially football players, are suffering from environmental heat illnesses. Tragically, heat-related deaths have increased ... Read More

Recent Headlines from

American Nurseryman Magazine - The Beauty of Waterwise Plants - Even the driest garden can come alive with color if the right plants are selected. Here, the Southwest's premier plantsman recommends some of his favorites for xeric conditions.
The Beauty of Waterwise Plants
Waterwise is another word for "xeric" when referring to plants that grow well with little water. Xeric plants are native to regions where the natural precipitation is low. Being xeric doesn't mean the... Read More
How to lose your customers
Look, I'm just as environmentally aware as the next person, and I appreciate the convenience of electronic communications. Killing fewer trees to make paper, not adding to the landfills, I g... Read More
Nyssa sylvatica
Sometimes, I believe that Nyssa sylvatica (pepperidge) follows me around the country. It covers a large portion of the Eastern US, from Maine to Florida, and west to Michigan and Texas. No tree can do... Read More
Hot Products
Outdoor speakers Outdoor speakers from Niles Audio deliver superior quality to liven any back yard. The RSPro Series, configured as landscape rocks, features a new NoFadeT Protectiv... Read More
Looking Back
From the January 1904 issue of The National Nurseryman, this publication's great uncle, we find bits and pieces of news and commentary, including the following: -The National Nurseryma... Read More
Pine beetle munches throughout the West
Photo courtesy of Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University; Mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) continues its disastrous feeding frenzy throughout the Rocky Mo... Read More
Getting to the Roots: Production Effects on Tree Root Growth and Morphology
Tree production systems were evaluated in a three-year study in New England. Demand for locally grown trees in the Northeast has increased over the past several years, as nursery produc... Read More
A "New" Old Disease
Onset of elm yellows is obvious in the leaf on the left, as compared to a normal, healthy leaf, right. Elm yellows, formerly known as "elm phloem necrosis," is a deadly disease of Am... Read More
110 Years and Counting
In 1904, Harley-Davidson was a year old, Salvador Dali was born and American Nurseryman emerged on the scene to deliver news of the industry to growers across the country. Actually, the trade journa... Read More

Miscellaneous & Related Forums

Several members from both LawnSite and PlowSite requested this forum. This is where you can discuss this add-on service.
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827 5,784
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss power washing and pressure washing as an additional service to offer.
795 4,970
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss selling Christmas trees and other seasonal products like pumpkins, flowers, etc.
08-08-2014 01:25 PM Go to last post
702 6,154
Lawn care and landscaping business owners discuss the topic of alternative fuel types in this forum.
07-17-2014 06:42 PM Go to last post
84 921

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Hustler logo Toro Accelerator - Get Back Bone Gravely Trailer Parts SuperStore 6,428 34,102
Discount Contractor Warehouse
by cb21
06-30-2014 11:35 AM Go to last post
20 21
Illumicare 27 40

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Members come here to discuss subjects not related to the Green Industry. Remember to keep it clean!
Private 30,313 910,224
If you're a homeowner or property manager who stumbled onto and need to ask the pro's a question post it here.
by JDZ60
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