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General Forums - Polls, Pictures, Announcements, Etc.

Discussions that do not fit in other forums but are about the Green Industry.
Post pictures of your work, vehicles, equipment, tools, and other business related pictures.
Let us know a little about yourself and your lawn care and landscaping business. Let us know who you are, where you are from, and what equipment you started with and how far you have come along in the business.
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Create or Join Polls For Lawn Care & Landscape Business Owners. You are also invited to answer surveys created specifically by the LawnSite Staff and Sponsors of the site as well.
Ask Questions About The Site & Make Suggestions for Improvement.
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Recent Headlines from

Recent Headlines from

Turf Magazine - Think Profit In 2015 - Sometimes landscape companies can benefit from a good pruning. Here's a look at how downsizing can drive profit.
Think Profit In 2015
Most of us take for granted that growth is good, whether it's our nation's GDP or our company's annual revenue. Just as we believe that increased domestic production indicates a healthy... Read More
What's In A Name?
Did you know that when Google was developed in 1996, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin named their first search engine BackRub? Yeah. It just doesn't seem right, does it? Fortunately,... Read More
Focus On Employees, Clients & Sales For A Great 2015
OK, here we go. It's a new year, so what's it going to be? Let's face it. We're all going to have ups and downs this year, just like every other year in the history of mankind. Stuff happens... Read More
Get A Handle On Your Equipment. STAT!
As winter digs in, it's a great time to look at your equipment fleet and get it ready to deliver maximum performance and productivity when you begin servicing customers' properties again. ... Read More
Do Your Friends And Family Take Advantage Of You?
Do you have friends and family members who expect you to do work for them for free? It seems to be a common occurrence these days. Some members refuse to do work for those close to... Read More
Build A Winning Three-Step Marketing & Sales Program
If you don't think you need a 2015 marketing and sales program for your company, think again. After all, how can you prepare a financial budget if you don't know how much new business you are goin... Read More
Walk-Behind Mowers
Ariens CompanyThe Gravely Pro-Walk Hydro LP 48 is powered by a 22-hp Kohler EFI propane engine and features pistol-grip controls for easy maneuverability and operation and a 48-in... Read More
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
The offseason is the buying season for many of us. This winter looks to be a robust buying season. The message I heard from contractor friends at the 2014 GIE+EXPO is that this past season w... Read More
Dan Joy
As executive vice president and general manager of commercial landscape services at The Davey Tree Expert Company, Dan Joy can easily relate to the struggles and concerns of his employees. H... Read More
Meeting Every Challenge
Todd McCabe's formula for success is simple. He says it boils down to desire, discipline and hard work. He is living proof that it works. He founded Landscapes Unlimited in 2000, and afte... Read More
The Walking Option
Just as a person would choose a Phillips screwdriver for one type of job and a slotted for another, various landscaping jobs call for the mower that provides optimal results. Each ... Read More
The Iffy Game Of Predicting Snow
It's midseason as far as snow and ice services, and the industry has already experienced one huge storm. This past November, Buffalo, New York, and the surrounding communities were... Read More
Fertilization In Regulators' Crosshairs
Funny thing about regulations: once they go into effect they seem to breed and multiply. That they accomplish what their sponsors intend is often debatable. Nevertheless, once agencies ... Read More
Go From Smart To Smarter
Smart controllers are a significant improvement over irrigation clocks of a generation ago. Even so, the manufacturers of irrigation products agree that smart controllers are only as eff... Read More
Winterize Your Compact Equipment
Winter takes a tough toll on tractors and compact equipment. Even a tractor that runs like a champ in the spring and summer can end up suffering after exposure to cold winter weather. ... Read More

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Business - Marketing, Insurance, Taxes, Employees, Software, & More!

Learn How To Start A Lawn Care Business, A Landscaping Business, And Discuss Questions and Issues Around Lawn Mowing, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design and Build, Irrigation, Lighting, Fertilization, Water Gardening, and More.
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss business related issues, taxes, marketing, employees, licenses, advertising, software, scheduling, billing, insurance, associations, magazines and more!
Today 02:20 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss all the issues surrounding keeping their employees and job sites safe. Equipment use, transportation, OSHA regulations, weather, apparel, etc.
01-24-2015 04:39 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss topics surrounding franchising.
01-20-2015 09:34 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscaping business owners get to know other business owners and pros in your area. Work together, swap work, or meet for lunch!
by LBFmd
Today 11:24 AM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscape Business owners discuss employment issues, H2B, post job offers, resumes and more!
This forum will be used solely for the discussion of web site design, why you should have your own web site, how web sites can help your company, etc, etc, etc.
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Moose River Media Offers FREE Industry Magazines, helpful bi-weekly e-Reports & Equipment Field Testing.
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Equipment - Marketplace, Repair, Etc.

Nationwide used equipment ads. Members can sell and buy equipment from one another. No commercial/dealer posting allowed.
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss the mechanics of Green Industry specific equipment such as blowers, mowers, trimmers, and other manufacturer specific equipment
by laman
Today 12:06 PM Go to last post
Discuss lawn care and landscaping trucks and accessories, as well as both open trailers and enclosed trailers, and their accessories.
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss the use of ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTV (Utility Task Vehicles) for their business.
by htr4
01-29-2015 09:58 PM Go to last post
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss heavy equipment used by Green Industry professionals such as dump trucks, bull dozers, tractors and various other machinery
Lawn care and landscape business owners discuss tractors and the mechanics of equipment geared toward the Green Industry
01-26-2015 03:15 PM Go to last post
This forum is where you can post information about equipment you have had stolen, including when, where, description, serial numbers, etc.
by jacobm
01-26-2015 05:46 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscaping Business Owners discuss renting and or leasing of equipment such as trenchers, skid steers, dump trucks and more.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance - Mowing, Shrubs, Mulching, Etc.

Lawn Care Business Owners Discuss Techniques, Ideas, Strategies, etc.
Lawn Care Business Owners Discuss Equipment such as Walk Behind Mowers, ZTR Mowers, Line Trimmers, Backpack Blowers, Attachments, etc.
Lawn Care and Landscape Business Owners Discuss The Maintenance of An Existing Landscape, Including Mulching, Flower Bed Maintenance, Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Leaf Removal, etc...
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss pesticides, herbicides, licensing, legislation, application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss fertilizers and plant nutrition: application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss organic garden management, fertilizing schedules, pricing, organic materials, techniques, weed control, disease, pest control, legislation, licensing, and more!
01-28-2015 06:06 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care & Landscape Business Owners Discuss Aeration, Dethatching, Seeding, Soil Amendments, etc...
Florida Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss pesticides, herbicides, licensing, legislation, application practices, equipment, pricing, products, manufacturers, suppliers and more.
by Ric
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Lawn Care Business Owners and Professionals discussing business management topics that include: Best Practices, Adding/Offering Services, Business Tools, Logistics, Staffing, etc.

Recent Headlines from

Turf Design Build Magazine - Building Relations - Solid designer-grower relationships can be cultivated with better communication, education and delivery systems.
Building Relations
In the landscape industry, there's a notable symbiotic relationship between designers and growers. Growers are the No. 1 resource for designers to learn about new plant varieties t... Read More
The Age of Interruption Is Here. What Are You Doing About It?
The average American receives more than 15 hours of digital media per day-everything from YouTube videos to texts to social media posts. But during how many of those hours are we rea... Read More
Landscape ROI As High As 150%
A study by RealEstate. com suggests that landscaping and hardscaping can deliver a return on investment as high as 150 percent-an ROI that puts it ahead of popular home improvement projects ... Read More
John Magee
John Magee has been designing and building native plant landscapes in the Washington, D.C., metro area for more than 20 years. His landscape design firm, Magee Design, which he started in 20... Read More
Irrigation Show Wraps Up In Phoenix
The Irrigation Association wrapped up its 35th annual Irrigation Show & Conference in Phoenix, which had more than 4,100 participants and 304 exhibiting companies. The show kicked off ... Read More
Compact Equipment
ToroThe Toro Dingo features easy-to-use controls and a walk-behind design. The Dingo 427 gasoline and Dingo 525 diesel narrow track models can easily access a standard 36-inch gate, ... Read More
Restoring A Union Station Garden
The garden renovation at Union Station's Columbus Plaza included donations of more than $30,000. Visited by more than 37 million people every year, Union Station is the third most ... Read More
Directional Design
Clients often ask for backyard retreats where they can get away from the commotion of the world. There are many things landscape designers can do to make a landscape more serene and peace... Read More
Construction Equipment Trends
There's no doubt construction equipment is the biggest expense for any landscaper. But if you're serious about the landscaping business, you're going to need some equipment to handle j... Read More
Landscapers Discuss Design, Architecture, Installation, Equipment, Plant Stock, Estimating, etc.
Today 02:18 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss all aspects of irrigation, pricing, bidding, installation, maintenance, manufacturers, books, and various systems.
by AI Inc
Today 11:40 AM Go to last post
Landscapers Discuss Patios, Walls, Drive Ways, Walk Ways and More!
Landscape Lighting Designers and Contractors Discuss a Full Spectrum of Issues Involving Outdoor Lighting.
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss the installation and maintenance of ponds, water gardens, along with fish, electricity, rocks, pricing, software, designs, filters, treatment, pumps, waterfalls and more.
by kellanv
01-21-2015 08:30 PM Go to last post
Landscaping business owners discuss upcoming industry trade shows you may want to attend or post pictures and information about trade shows you have attended.

Recent Headlines from Tree Services Magazine

Breaking Down Stereotypes, Answering Questions
Own what you do. Identify your core values and principles. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you believe in. Sounds like words to live ...... Read More
Refining a Plan of Attack
More than 12 years after it was discovered in southeastern Michigan, the emerald ash borer (EAB) is still wreaking havoc on the rapidly shrinking ash ...... Read More
Climb On
Anytime a product – truck, tool, software program, etc. – helps us go out and earn a living, we tend to develop a little loyalty ...... Read More
Old Tools for the New School
There are few tree folk who don’t have a tale to share about moving big wood around on the ground. Many of these stories – ...... Read More
Developing a Fungicide Program
As a part of an overall tree health care plan, the application of fungicides can play an important role. The key to utilizing them effectively ...... Read More
Marketing Mania
Survival In Today’s Competitive Market Could Hinge On How You Promote Your Business Promoting your business is important. That’s common sense. But not all marketing ...... Read More
Weathering The Winter
Damage from winter is the perfect embodiment of the can, the can’t and the discernment thereof. Sure, there are several prevention and recovery steps that ...... Read More
Winter Blues
As recent events in upstate New York have proven, the late autumn and early winter weather patterns have begun arriving with a vengeance, and with ...... Read More
Understanding The Hazards Of Felling Storm-Damaged Trees
Perhaps the most difficult and dangerous trees to cut are ones that have been damaged by storms. These trees should be tackled only by the ...... Read More
Product Spotlight
Stump Grinders & Brush Cutters/Mulchers Stump Grinders “... Read More
Tree Service Professionals Discuss Different Aspects of Tree Climbing, Pruning, and Felling.
by B16bri
Yesterday 03:57 PM Go to last post
Tree Service Professionals Discuss Different Types of Equipment and Accessories.
01-05-2015 06:14 PM Go to last post
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Use and Application of Different Kinds of Fertilizers and Pesticides. Tree Diseases Are Also Discussed.
01-21-2015 09:27 PM Go to last post
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Importance of Safety and The Different Types of Safety Accessories Available.
Tree Service Professionals discuss their sawmilling experiences.
by Norwood
12-16-2014 10:45 AM Go to last post
Tree Service Professionals Discuss The Fire Wood Aspect of The Tree Service Business.
Announcements, Press Releases, New Products for Tree Services
by Norwood
02-06-2014 12:55 PM Go to last post

Recent Headlines from Superintendent Magazine

Out of Harm's Way
Let’s face it: We’re all interested in sports, history, cooking, jazz, fishing, photography, woodworking, whatever. It’s a safe bet that any of these worthwhile endeavors ...... Read More
The Importance of Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is an important aspect when selling a home. If the house doesn't look good or attract buyers at first blush, it's difficult to ...... Read More
An Inexpensive Makeover
It might be the most uttered comment by golf course superintendents over the last 10 years, “We’re constantly faced with doing more with less resources.” ...... Read More
Prognosticator Pioppi Makes Predictions for 2015
It was a dark ‘n’ stormy night. No wait, it was a night with a lot of Dark ‘n’ Stormies. Enough, in fact, that the ...... Read More
Propane for a Purpose
Editor’s note: The June issue of Superintendent magazine features a special supplement on golf and sustainability. We were fortunate to have several advertisers/sponsors involved in ...... Read More
Golf's New Mantra: Let's Play Nine
“What could your golf course use right now?” The question is part of our third-annual Super Survey, the results of which will be published in ...... Read More
Talking Fertilizers
Christopher S. Gray Sr. | Professional Product Manager, LebanonTurf All granular fertilizers aren’t the same, especially when it comes to what specific nitrogen technology is ...... Read More
How to Make Your Own 'As-Builts'
We have a running joke at the golf course I work at about the old as-built maps for drainage and irrigation we have lying around. ...... Read More
Tweaking Topdressing
Topdressing greens – every superintendent did it, does it and will do it until their final days at work. Getting it just right, though, takes ...... Read More
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
I admit I had to do a double take when I was scrolling through Facebook posts and noticed that Oakland Hills Country Club Director of ...... Read More
Talking turf issues. Discuss all facets of golf course maintenance here.
Answer questions, win prizes!
Your take on golf and everything else sports related

Additional Industries

Recent Headlines from Sportsfield Management Magazine

The Field at University of Phoenix Stadium
For those in the athletic field management industry, the Super Bowl is more than a game. In the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, we ...... Read More
Super Sunday: Perfection is the Goal
For those in the athletic field management industry, the Super Bowl is more than a game. In the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, ...... Read More
Super Sunday from an Insider Perspective
For those in the athletic field management industry, the Super Bowl is more than a game. In the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, ...... Read More
Super Sunday: Roll it in, Roll it out
For those in the athletic field management industry, the Super Bowl is more than a game. In the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, ...... Read More
Two Promotions at Dennis and SISIS
Dennis and SISIS, divisions of the Howardson Group, a British manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, has announced the promotion of both Toby Clarke as its ...... Read More
NFL Alumnus Shares Tips for an Epic Super Bowl Party
Super Bowl Sunday brings the entire nation together to celebrate football, food and fun. Super Bowl Sunday is February 1, 2015. Throwing the perfect Super ...... Read More
Under Review
There have been several times in David Yarbrough’s 22 years as sports turf manager at Texas Christian University (TCU) that athletes have gone out of ...... Read More
Benefits of Real Grass -- And a Sports Field Manager
Natural turfgrass provides oxygen, cools the environment and sequesters carbon. At a time when climate change and air pollution are front and center, these attributes ...... Read More
Super Sunday
When it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that preparing and taking care of the playing field is of the utmost importance. But ...... Read More
Mecklenburg Marvels at Latest Field Technology
Football field technology has come a billion yards since Karl Mecklenburg roamed the gridiron as a linebacker for the Denver Broncos in the 1980s and ...... Read More

Recent Headlines from American Nurseryman Magazine

The 5 Percent Rule
Landscaping too often focuses on the new. Every winter gardening publications highlight the up-and-coming "new and improved" tree cultivars. Glossy displays hype thevirtues of these ...... Read More
Battling Blue Spruce Burnout
Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) has been a mainstay of landscapes in the Midwest for decades. This popular tree was quickly and broadly adopted in ...... Read More
A colorful new pest
Lycorma delicatula--a rather lyrical name for a wicked little beast--has been confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to be present in Berks County. This ...... Read More
Adding Value to Ornamental Plants
Increasing environmental awareness among consumers has led to strategies that brand environmental characteristics of products. This trend is observed with product labels such as "partial ...... Read More
Time for a new look
It's January, and that means trade shows. You're eager to get out on the road, I know, so I'll be brief. Sort of. A friend ...... Read More
Plants on Trial
A new plant! Thousands are tested, hundreds are introduced, dozens are selected as the most promising new plants on the market. And each year, customers ...... Read More
Juniperus chinensis Star PowerTM ('J.N. Select Blue')
The striking vertical form of many of the popular cultivars of evergreens, including Rocky Mountain juniper (J. scopulorum), Chinese juniper (J. chinensis), and arborvitae (Thuja ...... Read More
Chicago Botanic Gardens talks trends
Experts at the Chicago Botanic Garden have issued their predictions for the hottest home gardening trends in 2015. Here’s the scoop: Rainwater management, cumulative stress ...... Read More
Minnesota implements quarantine for mountain pine beetle
As of January 1, a new pest quarantine was put in place to protect Minnesota’s pine forests, when the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) implemented ...... Read More
Monarch considered for endangered list
Monarch butterflies-once so commonly spotted in back yards and along roadsides-may soon join the ranks of endangered species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has ...... Read More

Miscellaneous & Related Forums

Several members from both LawnSite and PlowSite requested this forum. This is where you can discuss this add-on service.
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Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss power washing and pressure washing as an additional service to offer.
Yesterday 10:05 PM Go to last post
Lawn Care and Landscape business owners discuss selling Christmas trees and other seasonal products like pumpkins, flowers, etc.
Yesterday 10:27 PM Go to last post
Lawn care and landscaping business owners discuss the topic of alternative fuel types in this forum.
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Sponsor Forums - Discuss with Sponsors Directly

Accelerator - Get Back Bone Gravely Trailer Parts SuperStore
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Discount Contractor Warehouse
by cb21
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Other Topics

Members come here to discuss subjects not related to the Green Industry. Remember to keep it clean!
If you're a homeowner or property manager who stumbled onto and need to ask the pro's a question post it here.
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