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03-22-2005, 02:44 PM
Here are a few pics of my truck and trailer that I took today. It's a 16' trailer, 60" lazer with ultra vac, 48" turf tracer hp with side bagger, 21" honda pushmower, a bunch of stihl 2 stroke stuff and 1 echo trimmer. The only reason that I have the echo is because I went into a pawn shop and saw it there and asked how much?? He said $30. I asked "does it run?" He said I think so but the handle is missing and the spool will not hold line. I said "How 'bout $25?" Sold!! It's an srm 260. Called the dealer and got the handle for $7 and a friend gave me 2 spools that he didn't use anymore. I'm not an echo guy but for $32 it's hard to pass up.

03-22-2005, 02:46 PM
Very nice set up...

03-22-2005, 02:53 PM
Nice looking rig!!!!!!

03-22-2005, 06:19 PM
Great looking rig! I like how the trailer has the white wheels to match the white truck, and the red lettering on the truck to match the trailer.

03-22-2005, 06:34 PM
The hubs are also painted red- you cant really tell from the picture but it looks good in person.

Lux Lawn
03-22-2005, 06:38 PM
Nice looking set up.