View Full Version : Nilsson?

05-12-2000, 12:05 AM
There was a post asking about Nilsson, and now its gone.

AB Lawn Care
05-12-2000, 12:15 AM
I know I posted that!!!!!!!!!I what to know what is going on here!!!!!!!What right do the fourm have to take a post off asking about an other member!!!I am deeply offended by that move!The least they can do is tell me why they pulled the post.All I asked is if anyone knew what happened to Mr.Nelsson!I don't remember the post about grassboy being pulled!I would like an answer from admstr!!!!!!!!!!!<p><p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

05-12-2000, 12:19 AM
Don't be offended.. I was trying to reply but I accidently deleted it in admin options. I was in the process of rebuilding it.<p>In the mean time I emailed you.

05-12-2000, 12:20 AM
You can find Nilsson at.... http://www.lawnandlandscape.com/

05-12-2000, 12:23 AM
Admstr:<br>I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that kind of stuff happens to. LOL Thanks!!!

05-12-2000, 12:24 AM