View Full Version : 48" Bobcat, 17HP, w/2wheel Velke

04-06-2005, 01:36 PM
I will post pics by the weekend.

I purchased the mower for my home with the intentions of cutting lawns on the side. I used the mower on my property & one other for 2 seasons. The 3rd season the mower was not used that often because I had access to a rider. As you will see in the pics the mower is in awesome condition.
The velke is made by Jungle Wheels (1 season old) I also have a grass catcher by Rackem (excellent cond.) Tires & belts are still original and in excellent condition. Xtra blades - Mulch & Hi Lift.
WHY AM I SELLING - I currently own a Exmark Rider and the Bobcat sat most of last year but I did run it once or twice per month.

Looking to get $2700 (all attachments and extra blades come with it)
Definately worth looking at. Call cell 908-310-6063 leave msg.