View Full Version : Storing Mowers

04-06-2005, 06:38 PM
Curious how many of yall keep your mowers on the trailer during cutting season. I'm asking because currently I'm only using 21's for my smaller residential business which I keep in my basement (no garage). I would like to get into a 36" or mybe 42" but I can't keep that stored in the basement obviously. I was thinking about goin ahead and getting one and just keeping it tarped and locked up on the trailer for the mowing season, then finding a permanemt home in a friends garage for the winter months. What are ya'lls thoughts on this. My main concern is keeping a new piece of gear out in the elements and a little worried about security. Any thoughts. Thanks in advance1 :cool2:

04-06-2005, 06:41 PM
If its used on a regular basis (to prevent moisure inside) its fine. Tarping it up would be a good idea. Mine is usually outside.
In the winter just winterize it.