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Canon Landscaping
04-13-2005, 10:14 PM
I am bidding on a lawn install the property is about 44,000 sqft and it is all rock. I will bring in 200 yds of soil and grade and seed and straw. The front side on the house is a hill so the customer wants a french drain put in to carry the water away from the house.

It take me about 3 days to complete I will be using a small dozer and skid steer with a harley rake and a straw blower.

I bid $7,500 Does this sound about right????????

04-14-2005, 11:38 AM
How much profit are you making? Three days worth of work, how many hours? How much in materials?

04-14-2005, 07:09 PM
personally, I'd bid it at $11995 and tell her if she wants it done with in X amount of days she will get a X amount of discount

Old Red
04-15-2005, 12:48 PM
I think you're doing a lot of work for $7500. I'd be closer to Mark's figure.

04-15-2005, 08:39 PM
sounds way too cheap to me.

dozer should be $1500.00/day
topsoil will be $175.00 per load.( 12-15 yards) so you'll need 15 or so trucks.

it will take a few days to bring that much in. and you will need the dozer for the whole time.