View Full Version : 52 hydro Scag walk behind w/ proslide $$$1650 obo

04-17-2005, 01:37 AM
$$$1650.00 or best offer

mid 90's scag hydro with proslide.
Newer replaced 17 HP kawi. about 3 years ago.


bought the mower 2 seasons.

all this work was done last year and was used as a back up mower with less then 100 hours this season.
replaced all belts, 2 out of 3 spindles, plug, coil, trans pulley, idler pulley
Runs great, goes straight, never abused or curb hopped, deck had a few cracks in it but all were welded and deck was repainted.

This work was just done.
Carb was just adjustid, body mount bolts were just replaced, new fuel filter and Gator blades. Oil changed and greased religiously. Oil and filter, and hydro fluid was just changed.

could use New deck engage arm.