View Full Version : flagstone question?

04-20-2005, 10:02 AM
what type of base do you use for a flagstone patio?
i have seen it done on TV a few times, and some customers have it. the thing is, every example i've seen has been done over an exisitng cement slab, even my customers went over what they had.
if you where starting on soil, would the prep be similar to pavers?

04-20-2005, 01:43 PM
same as you would over cement slab exept thicker,dig down to solid soil base,add 4"crushed,2"stone dust or the like ,screed,water,tamp,water,tamp.add 3 or 4" coarse sand,screed,water,tamp,set your stones in ,level ,water, tamp,add pebbles or cruched in between stones,..done

04-21-2005, 07:01 PM
dont use sand, just 3-4" CR-6 and 2" of dust