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04-25-2005, 11:09 PM
sorry to have to ask this question and not just do a search. I have been doing the mowing gig for some time now and little by little people have been asking me to do there trimming and mulch. Well now its getting to the point that there asking DRPMOWING to do there landscape installs. (Small ones). My question is is that i have found a wholesale nursery near Erie PA called Johnstons Evergreen Nursery, inc. They will sell me product 30% below the retail center they have. This is where all the landscapers in my area go to get there plantings. What i would like to know so i charge accordingly do i double the cost of plantings plus labor or do i just add a certail percentage. I have my numbers right for my mowing part but need some help with the install part. For example, i baught 1 glod mop(dwarf gold thread cypress) for 13.40 and 2 skyrocket junipers for 32.10 per.so thats 77.60 plus tax.So would the norm be 155.20 plus labor plus tax?

04-26-2005, 09:20 AM
30% isn't very much of a discount,so yes,mark them up more to cover your cost of picking them up and hauling them.Then charge to install.
Depending on the plant,I'm getting 50-75% off retail price.I always mark up to retail and charge to install.