View Full Version : echo trimmer help, clutch removal? HELP! in a jam..

05-13-2005, 02:51 PM
i have at the moment, 2 echo trimmers with the exact same symtoms.
they run excellent, but the head won't move.
i took one apart, to see if it was the shaft, or clutch, and the shaft if i spin in manually with my fingers, the head spins.

soo, now that i took the cover off, and the shoes are right in my face, how do you get these things off. i disconnected a spring, thinking maybe they where retaining the shoes, but no.
any ideas here, i would like to get to the repair shop beofre they close at 4-5 o'clock.

i came home early, and left the last account i did half trimmed! :realmad:

05-13-2005, 07:23 PM
That looks like it screws on, which might mean that you will have to pull off the starter cord mechanism so you can hold from that side. This must be a real small trimmer, the commericial units have a nut holding them on.