View Full Version : Which blade for blackberry's?

05-18-2005, 01:29 PM
I've got a ton of 12' tall, entangled blackberry's on some rural acreage we own. I've been hacking away at as best I can with the brush hog behind the tractor.

However, there are places I can't get the tractor and have been using my gas weed-eater w/ blade. I forget the model number, but it is the Home Depot straight shaft echo. I purchased a blade for it from HD and it sort of worked ok, but did not last long at all.

If you are familiar with wild blackberry's, you know they are a nasty, thick, fibrous mess to cut. I'm wondering if there is a different type or style of blade I should be using in this application???????? I don't mind paying more for a blade if it provides better results and longer life. Where can I buy such an animal?

Can the cheap blade from HD be re-sharpened, or is it throw away? Cheaper to buy a new blade than re-sharpen maybe?