View Full Version : Toro Z450 Pro Performance Series purchase

06-07-2005, 08:49 AM
Planning on purchasing a Toro Z450 48" 23 Koehler. Will I be happy with this model? I know sitting in the seat will be great v. riding the Velke all day for a dozen residentials. The other reason I'm purchasing is I worried that sooner or later my 52 w/b will need servicing- leaving me out to dry!

06-07-2005, 11:07 AM
Hey I just got my Zmaster 48 turbo force 19 kawi last week. Plenty of power and at under 6 grand it was a steal. I dont know what your cutting but I played in the pasture yesterday and took 1 ft tall bermuda down in a single pass at half speed. Bogged a little bit but is more than adequate for mowing maintained lawns at a very productive speed. The turbo force deck is simply amazing. You may wanna opt for the mulch kit ( I'm waiting on mine) or a block off plate or quick chute type thing as this thing SERIOUSLY throws some grass. I threw grass all over my truck from nearly 15 ft away.

bottom line... super mower. Good price (least mine was) and super cut.

I love mine and wouldnt trade it for anything. (well maybe a 590 diesel)