View Full Version : Help with hired help

03-02-2001, 09:43 AM
This is my third year and I will need some help for about 25 hours a week. I dont know were to start as far as taxes and S.S., unemployment,workers comp,ECT. Any advice? Anyone use temp services? Thanks for you're help Brad

lawrence stone
03-02-2001, 09:47 AM
Contract your labor from manpower, labor ready, kelly etc.

03-03-2001, 04:53 AM
If I get behind, I plan to try the temp. Its just too costly and time consuming for just 1 employee.

03-03-2001, 07:53 AM
If you decide not to use temp. help your may want to try Paychex. All you have to do is call in employee hours and rates, they write the paycheck to the employee and do all the deductions. They hold the funds until Uncle Sam wants em and then pay all of them for you. Workmans Comp is also available from them on a pay as you go basis. I use them because there is a lot to payroll and as soon as you get a F.I.N. the paperwork from the gov. is overrwelming. Besides it keeps me legal and I'm just not smart enough to do it myself. Russ

03-03-2001, 09:53 AM
If you guys are using temp help it must be working for you.But what do you have him do.Trimmer in his hands
and the accounts gone.Mower in his hands and the acct and mabe the mower is gone.Iguess if I had a large area
I could let him mow the middle of it or something.
I guess also it might be nice to have some one put every thing up.Plus you dont know the guy.Next wk when he got nothing to do him and his buddies know where everything
you got is.