View Full Version : Noreaster Coming!!!!!!!!

03-03-2001, 10:29 AM
Put those plows back on we got a big one coming!!

Noreaster coming sunday night Monday And Tuesday

12 to 24 inches WoW :) Can't wait, I was getting for spring clean up next week.


03-03-2001, 10:33 AM
Just when I thought the season was coming around =(. I had alot of flyer to deliver this weekend.

03-03-2001, 10:43 AM
I think im gonna hide the plow and put a tarp over all the salt that should get us sumfin. =)

Island Lawn
03-03-2001, 11:04 AM
This thing is predicted to be BIG!

Down here, we've been getting some MUCH needed rain overnight. It's broken for now, but the big storm is suppossed to start up in a couple of hours. It's suppossed to bring freezing temps to my beach as well. It figures, just as the green started showing, all the bradford pears are in full bloom, everything has a good bit of tender new growth.... I'm not complaining, we need the rain. BUT yall up the coast better git ready fo da white stuff!

But, who knows? Might just "blow" over!

SJR Lawncare
03-03-2001, 11:07 AM
PLEASE, I'll take as much as it will unleash upon us....24 inches will be fine.....or more.


03-03-2001, 11:13 AM
Great I just spent three days picking up sticks and last night the weather man said possibly 80mph winds if the thing comes together in the strongest form for the North East! Good thing the old Gravely still has the plow on it!

03-03-2001, 11:30 AM
The more I read I really hope that we get *something*. I hate when they pump us all up then it misses us =(.

mdb landscaping
03-03-2001, 02:08 PM
weatherman said it may be the biggest storm ever. possibly blizzard conditions with three feet or more. time will tell

03-03-2001, 03:05 PM
70 degrees here friday in SC and suppose to be in the low 30s monday with snowshowers. I want a blizzard, not stinking snowshowers right when grass season is just getting started. But we need the rain too. But if it is going to get cold again i rather have a blizzard like NC and the northeast are going to get

Richard Martin
03-03-2001, 03:34 PM
I hope it misses us completely. Since I dont plow I really need the ground free of crap. It is time to start yard cleanups and it will take a week, maybe two, for a foot of snow to melt.

03-03-2001, 04:33 PM
We need a big one. We got ripped-off with that other big storm that missed us.

mdb landscaping
03-03-2001, 05:08 PM
just saw an update. snowfall totals for CT seem to be the heaviest of all the places. they are expecting over 20 inches a little south of CT and all of CT. guess it will be a long three days.

03-03-2001, 05:17 PM
Would that be the same for RI

mdb landscaping
03-03-2001, 05:21 PM
looks like RI is going to get over 12 inches

03-03-2001, 05:22 PM
DANG BOYS my generator got stole last wk
an NOW looks like I could need it.Oh well at least I got a lot of seed settled last wk.

03-03-2001, 05:26 PM

You are not that far from where i live. WEll i have the plow and sander loaded with sand, ready to go.

lawrence stone
03-04-2001, 09:13 AM
It is start to snow soon for 3 full days here in the Poconos. Looks like 2 feet+.

It will be all snow this far North and inland from the coast.

Frankly this is a good thing for me for I am not ready to work yet. I lost almost the whole month of February due to the flu with bronchitis and now I have ear infections that won't go away.

I am just starting to send out my proposals to my existing customers. When there is snow on the ground it is useless so send any targeted direct mail or run a classified in the daily local paper. People are not going to buy when there is snow on the ground.

Been there done that don't waste your money by advertising too early if you are north of the Mason & Dixon line.

03-04-2001, 09:42 AM
Hello Everybody:

As most of you know My Partner is Phil Nilsson & I thought I would share this with you guys. Phil let me know that his State has 900 Trucks ready & I thought I would let you guys know how concerned I am about this????? This is my reply to my Partner!

In a message dated 3/4/01 6:08:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, nilsson.assoc@snet.net writes:

<< bama .. the state of conneticut has 900 trucks ready case a blizzard coming butzzz trhe state of alabama only got one (1) truck? go figure? thats a fact jack! >>

Yo Phil:

Sounds like you need to stock up on Beerze, Cigarettes & CrawDadz! I hope you got a Big Snow Shovel with lifetime warranty Fiberglass Handle, Shoot I'd get Shovels for the whole family & as Far as the Cat & the Rat, I'd buy them those shovels with two Handles on them, it's time they earn their keep? I hope you all don't also have a Incoming Snow Snake Alert TOO! If so you better have a Alternate Plan, Butt 900 Trucks if you got Zoom Binocoulars & watch carefully you should be able to radio them in time to be able to catch the Dreaded Snow Snakes, of course I'm assuming they all have remote front end loaders to get those Jokers? Hopefully those Drivers are Contracted out & not State Employees, if so you could have a Very Big Problem?????

We did a Audit for the State of Alabama & found out that over 90% of our State Employees had been dead for years still drawing Paychecks & getting the same amount of work done as before they died. You might think it's funny that is why we only have one Truck but he is a Subcontractor for the State & after a 24 CrawDadz meal & 6 pack of Schlitz Master Cylinders (you know the 24oz ones) he is equivilent to roughly 900 give or take a few State workers in Trucks.

He is certified Profesconial (yes that's with a c) he has no branchs on his family tree, he drives a Chevy 4 wheel drive butt only 3 wheels pull, he has Chevy Baseball cap he wears backwards, his wife & sister are the same person (saves him lots of money at Christmas), he ain't shaved since Aunt Wilma Died in that awful House Trailer Wreck - Massacre & he Filled out his Application him self & he Knoes Serpentology very well. I'm going to help ya'll out & radio him to head up your way so just look for him in about 2 hours give or take a week or 2 cases of Master Cylinders which ever comes first. His Truck has Twin Turbos to get through the Red JawJa Clay & should do fine in snow. You might need to find him a 8 track with Creedence Clear Water Revival so he will not fall asleep behind the wheel? If you smart & already have 8 track waiting on him, it would even be better if you have some Hot Beerzes & he can plow ya a path to the Store for cigaretts & Post office. Don't let him see your Sons Mountain Bike, Please hide it good, I'd hide it in back of a Book case because he can't read he just Writes. He Certified JawJa Red Neck & forgot more than most about Serpentology! That's a Fact Phil & etc...

Phil I know this could be the big one & that's why I am radioing him now on my 1 Zillion Giga Watt Cb Radio with 46 Channels, I'm not Bragging but the CB tower is over 1,000 feets tall, but it is FEMA approved. I'm GS 69 guvernment agent & I have a lot of Pull in this Country. I wish you the Best & if you need help just get on the roof of your house & Spray Paint JawJa on the roof in at least 10 feets letters. I'll have some Ultra Light Ballons coming your way TOO so we can air drop you some Beerze, Cigarettes & CrawDadz, just be careful because they might only have Kegs & they Knock the Helloutofyohead if they hit?

Your only Friend when times are this bad? JawJa, I'm here behind ya, LOL in JawJa all the way!!!!!! :-)

It's raining so much, we can't even clean the mud off our winshield here?

Thank you for your Time!!!!!
David J. Fiveash

03-05-2001, 02:46 PM
Where is the snow ?