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03-03-2001, 04:49 PM
My friend Jimmy has only one lawn that he has to use a 21" mower on. The rest he uses his ZTR. He decided just to leave the 21" at this house. Then he wouldn't have to drag it around. When he sent the home owner the final lawn bill last year, the owner sent him a rental storage charge for leaving the mower there. It was the same amount as Jimmy's lawn bill. I still don't know how he resolved this.

03-03-2001, 05:01 PM
That sounds like something that could happen to me

03-03-2001, 05:03 PM
While it may not be all that professional, it looks like the homeowner could have called Jimmy with his request for him to move the mower :) My bet is he would have sent him a bill for something anyway, to get out of paying for the mowing.

Jimmy probably didn't even charge that much for what he was doing, did he?

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