View Full Version : Its about that time.

03-03-2001, 11:25 PM
its about that time to start up the lawn season. It hit 50 degrees in Michigan today. Has everyone put out their bids already?

gene gls
03-04-2001, 12:14 AM
Last year I started clean-ups on March 15th. My spring flyers went out two weeks ago. My area still has a foot of snow cover and now they predict a major blizzard. It will go from winter to summer this year.

plow kid
03-04-2001, 01:14 AM
Monday i am sending out my bid for the bedford junior and senior high schools, big $$$$$$.$$

GreenQuest Lawn
03-04-2001, 01:33 AM
Well seems around here Feb 1st is the day to send out bids. was late last year and suffered because of it. sent them out on time this year. I dont add much each year so i dont do any advertising all referals and word of mouth. have all my customers back from last year. And almost my goal in new accts.

03-04-2001, 02:00 AM
Ive been doing spring cleanups for the last two weeks in southern in. But it looks like we might get some rain in here sunday nite and a cold front mon. And i was booked all week long, maybe it will miss us, in fact after Church tomorrow i have two banks to do if weather permits. This season is starting just like last yr. Hope so 2000 was a good yr down here. Marks Mowing Service