View Full Version : printed pesticide flags

03-04-2001, 05:05 PM
besides "black burn" who prints pesticide application flags?

03-04-2001, 06:05 PM
Am leneard has them in there catalogue! They have basic ones or they can customize them for you.

03-04-2001, 07:08 PM
I have just located a new supplier.
Go to forestry suppliers inc. they have plain flags nothing fancy but legal for $11.00 per 50 0r 100 I forget.
Hope this site will help you out.

03-04-2001, 07:12 PM
Check with your local printers. If you give them the size and the message, they will gladly quote you a price.


Rodney Anderson
03-04-2001, 07:45 PM
I use A.M Leonard. The corrugated ones I use.
About $ 190.00 for 1,000. Wont bend or blow away. They look very professional also.

Craig Turf Management
03-04-2001, 09:44 PM
I got some last year from LESCO. They are generic, in that they don't have my logo printed on them. They have a message that reads 'PESTICIDE APPLICATION PLEASE KEEP OFF OF GRASS UNTIL DRY'. These were about 70.00 per 500. LESCO also sells the stakes to plant these in the lawn

03-04-2001, 11:51 PM
Try nebs.com