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Ace 1
03-04-2001, 10:05 PM
What type of insurance do you guy's who are a solo operation carry on say vehicles and equip.And what about liability any help would be much appreciated. Have a few commercials.

03-04-2001, 10:17 PM
Ace 1, go to the upper right corner and click on SEARCH and type in INSURNCE. You'll get more information than you want.
Basically, it depends on your type of business and equipment you have.

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Ace 1
03-04-2001, 10:25 PM
MJ go to search and type insurance and look at the threads and tell me how many havi the topic of insurance i am asking about in there. I usually try that first before i seek answers from someone else out there but thank you for letting me know the search was there anybody else's help would bemuch appreciated.
Thank you .

03-06-2001, 10:10 AM
We carry $100,000 full commercial on our truck and equip.,also a $1,000,000 Gen. liability policy W/theft coverage.Costs a little over $2000 per year.

Green Finger
03-06-2001, 10:21 AM
Ditto here........Protect yourself and your assets.

03-06-2001, 11:51 AM
Since I am solo I carry my regular auto insurance but increased the coverage a little. I have a 1 million GL policy and equipment coverage.

Prime Seasons
03-06-2001, 03:23 PM
I have $1m full commercial also. Last year I incorporated to protect? myself from potential liability, even though I am a solo operator.

Your homeowner/auto insurance policy may not cover you in the event an automobile accident occurs while you are 'working.' Something to ponder...

Tip on premiums: if you have $40,000 equipment, insure only as much as you would feel comfortable not having covered. If you insure $30k and a fire burns you down can you afford to build up another $10K? Perhaps the paying the extra $250 for total coverage makes you sleep better. Do whatever you feel comfortable.


03-06-2001, 05:29 PM
I already spoke with my insurance. Everything is fine. Different policies and companies may be different. It is definately something worth checking out thou.

03-06-2001, 05:47 PM
If you have not already done so you may want to consider including mileage in: and mileage out: on your route sheets so that you can claim the miles you have used for business on your personal vehivcle.

We have uped our policies to $2M-GL/$1M-Umbrella/Workmens.Comp/$500K-Vehicle Ins/$50K-Equipment.Theft.Damage


03-06-2001, 07:09 PM
We have 500-1mil liability, and our equipment is insured for 20,000 smackers and it runs us 1217.00 a year. Not too bad considering your pretty much totally covered. Be careful though some commercials require you to have higher liability coverage in some cases be sure to check, not sure if you can get that site specific or not like workmans comp.