View Full Version : Catcher for my DR

07-12-2005, 09:55 AM
I have a DR field and brush mower with the following grasscutting deck...


I contacted them and they don't sell a grass catcher.

This deck is a 42" mulching/side discharge deck that is VERY common. It is the one where you strap on the cover and it mulches- it comes with the mulching blades. I went to sears and it is the same deck (albeit more rugged) as on all the 42" craftsman and the Husquavana decks as well. I think the same deck was on the Poulpon Pro at the Home Depot. I have seen the same ruggidized version on a commercial mower before- but I don't have the name.

I have seen many bags/catchers that fit these decks- but they are all made for tractors and have bags in the back- no good for a walk behind. I imagine the Accelerator would be perfect for me- and I imagine it would fit- but being an obscure brand (and I will say an EXCELLENT machine) I cannot find the "order this one".

I have an Accelerator dealer near me (not too near- 20 minutes) and plan on taking a ride. Does anyone know the technical mumbo jumbo I need to order one- or better yet- does anyone know the catcher that I need? Short of bringing the deck with me (I don't have a trailer for this thing- I would need to remove the deck and throw it in the bed)

07-12-2005, 11:41 PM
I checked the link and took a look at the mower deck. Could you email me a picture of the deck with the deflector shield flipped up? I would also need the length and height of the opening. I can let you know if a catcher we already have will fit or if you will need a custom unit. Feel free to give me a call at the office.