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Holistic Landscapes
07-31-2005, 10:58 AM
I was at the local wholesaler the other day.... A man came up to me with a couple of samples of grasses that looked really poor... It was defenatly bentgrass with a bad fungus problem.... My quesiton is.. this man took me to his house which was absolutly amazing! The backyard looked like disney land... but anyway... His gardener passed away and he has some guy cutting the grass... NOW! I wana make the biggest impression with this guy.... He has a lot of bentgrass in his fescue mix lawn... probably fescue, blue, and rye.... The areas have huge dead brown patch's mainly in the bentgrass areas but also in other areas... Shady lawns are starting to thin and so on... He has an amazing irrigation system... its about 20,000 feet of lawn....... It looks like a pythium blight or brown patch... What do you think the best method of approach would be for bent grass.... And how much would you CHARGE for SLIT SEEDING 20,000 square feet of lawn?

08-01-2005, 08:35 AM
I have been battling bentgrass for a while now and it has been tough. Spray it well with roundup, wait a few months (if possible) and spray the couple of spots that come up. Then take a clear plastic tarp and lay it over the area on a hot day to heat up the soil and kill anything that is left. (Make sure the edges of the tarp are sealed. I use a bit of topsoil around the perimeter of the tarp to prevent wind from entering). Then reseed.
This will work most of the time but it will find its way back eventually. Most bentgrass is spread by mowers that cut bentgrass lawns and transfer the seeds to other lawns.
My neighbors who have always cut their own lawns with their own mowers do not have bentgrass. However, people with a lawn service have bentgrass in their lawns.

08-01-2005, 08:37 AM
Let me know how it turns out. Before and after pics would be nice!

Holistic Landscapes
08-01-2005, 10:14 PM
Yea man... I"m visiting the house tommorrow with a friend of mine to check it out. Hey... If I have to round it up... then so be it... but I don't know how the customer will react to that... So there really isn't any other way eh? I"m gona perform a couple of soil tests on the house to see how the soil is... Do you think that would be a good method of approach?
So it is from lawn companies? Dam... what a shame... I"m gona see what I can do... I'm defenatly confident on re slice seeding the lawn... but I just don't want the dam grass to come back.... JJJJEEEEZZZZZ! First CRAB GRASS>>> NOW BENT GRASS>>>> If we do round it up... when do you think it would be the best time to do so? Its just sooooooo much lawn to tarp and round up... I can't round up the whole 20,000 feet that would be MURDER! Plus it would look horrible for at least 1 1/2 for it to all grow in nice... You think?

08-02-2005, 08:34 AM
Bentgrass is also transferred by birds as well but mostly from lawn mowers I have found.

All the bentgrass needs to be sprayed. When u mix the roundup, mix it at almost twice the rate and spray generously. -The yard will look a lot worse before it looks better.

Make sure that the bentgrass greens up before u spray it. If it is dormant right now wait until early fall because dormant grass isnt affected by roundup much.

Good luck

Holistic Landscapes
08-02-2005, 09:29 PM
It turns out that its not a round up job. Although we could, it turns out the irrigation practices on the property were causing moss. Very poor root systems after doing several soil tests. Very shallow roots if any. He's now changed his irrigation to about 1 hr - 1 15 every 3 days instead of everyday.
Were gona get the results from the soil test, selectivly choose a fert, slice seed the lawn, use lesco fiber mulch "as needed," change irrigation practice, and see what occurs. If the customer has bentgrass "he must have been living with it for a while but didn't notice it." This year he notices it because of the fungus. Bentgrass is supposed to be kept short, and reletively dry if i'm not mistaken. Its almost like the fungus did us a favor by taking out he weak grass. WE"LL SEE!?!?!??! :alien: