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03-08-2001, 02:21 PM
It's my first year in this business and the calls are coming in slowly in response to flyers and a newpaper ad in the local paper. However, it's too slow for my liking and I'm getting a little antsy. What's it like in your neck of the woods?
I'll be focusing my next week on distributing more flyers and hopefully it will jump start things. I understand it will be slow until I get referral work, but if you've started in the last few years, how were you doing at this time of the year?

Vancouver, Canada

03-08-2001, 03:19 PM
doug don't sweat it, i wa sgetting tons of calls, but now that it snowed they all stoped and i'm not getting any. once people think winter is over you'll get all the calls you need. good luck.

03-08-2001, 03:50 PM
When you do a good job for someone ask them to give a referal, take off $5.00 for each referal

double e
03-08-2001, 04:08 PM
Don't worry- If your a go getter thework will come.- Keep passing out flyers.

Most people don't start worring about their yards until they see grass growing, or the neighbors yard gets done.

When work slows down for me I help fellow landscapers with thier clean-ups. Get in good with fellow lawncare owners- they will also reffer you when their behind, and vise versa

03-08-2001, 11:33 PM
I think you are going to find that once you are out there doing trhe work, more work will come your way. Plan ahead, and time yourself right. For instance, here is another strategy. Say, for instance, you have a job or to in a local subdivision. (Subs are great because once you get your foot in the door of an area, the work spreads.) If you have a house toward the back of the sub and one toward the entrance, do the one in the back earlier in the day, so you will be near the entrance in the late afternoon when everyone is coming home from work. THAT is when you will be seen! This brings up a pint about subdivisions. You want to target an area? Go to the residents that live at the entrance(s) of the subdivision and talkto them one on one and sell your services. Give them a decent deal on a cleanup and edging, and you you will have people stoppping all the time asking for an estimate. Warning though; Have your business cards ready, and be ready to write down some addresses! This is PERFECT timing, and everyone will have the Spring fever and wanting to get their places done! So, again, just get out there and do the work, and you will get more work to do! Good luck, and happy trails! :)

03-08-2001, 11:40 PM
keep dropping flyers dont give up!!!!~~~~~rome wasnt built in a day

03-09-2001, 02:02 PM
since we're on the subject. What kind of insentives does everyone give to their customers for referals. what about other businesses or people.

The reason I ask is today I was thinking about trying to get some people to just get me jobs on a commision basis.


Green Finger
03-09-2001, 02:16 PM
I will be honest. I was feeling the same way. I am re-establishing my customer base an I am pumping out flyers hard.

I just have to be patient, and keep pumping out flyers, keep pumping out flyers, keep pumping out flyers.

Hey it is getting better.

03-09-2001, 07:15 PM
It must have something to do with the high power bills this winter. i am looking to ad some new customers this year and so far only the regulars are calling and thats a trickle. The cold weather at night has come back and around 60 in the day that may something to do with it too. But the weeds are growing and you think people would want to go ahead and line up lawn care. But nuttin so far.

03-09-2001, 09:03 PM
I've been pumping out flyers for the last few weeks and just today pumped out 500. I've got a few calls and have picked up 2 customers one for 10 mo agreement and the other for 12 months. I wish more people would call and I'm sure they will. I just got a call for an aeration job, I told him we need to wait until the end of March.

I think flyers are great. Maybe I need to spice mine up. I think timming is everything and right about now here in Bama the weather is getting warmer and people are starting to get the fever.
I plan on passing out 500 flyers per day next week.

Hunter Landscape
03-09-2001, 09:17 PM
round here the flyers and advertising to work to some degree, but the best two ways that i have found to gain more business is (1) to get out there, AND DO A GOOD JOB and (2)with the GOOD JOB DONE, word of mouth will travel quickly. hopefully you have targeted profitable customers.
birds of a feather flock together and if this flock are bad customers then you need to reevaluate. however if the flock are the profitable customers who APPRECIATE your work, then they will tell others about you and your service.

Also, customers don't seem to think about their outside areas until things start to green up.

hang in there.

Man Joe
03-09-2001, 10:19 PM
Don't worry,in about two or three weeks as the weather changes the phone calls will be coming in. Many people save the fliers and will call around the last week in March or first week in April.

03-10-2001, 01:09 AM
Once you actually start to mow you will have more work than you can handle.

Use this downtime to plan your attack and to make sure that you are prepared for what the season will bring.

Good Luck this season!