View Full Version : FS: 99 Gravely WB, 36"

08-18-2005, 07:32 PM
I have a 99 gravely walk behind, 36". Cuts great, engine starts first pull. No hour meter on it. I bought it in the spring, and am looking to upgrade. Transmission could use to be replaced. Either I can do it and tack on the cost, or you can do it.

$600 as is.

Im still using it to this day. The transmission needs a tap with a wrench to get it from neutral to first. All other gears shift fine with the lever, just getting it into that first gear is a pain. Currently I have the safety bypassed so that it will start in first gear, this way I dont have to wory about messing with it.

Either way, its up for sale. Runs great, no smoke, cuts good, extra blades.