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08-20-2005, 01:45 PM
After working all summer on some landscaping plans we had drawn up, I of course neglected the other important part: my front yard It is completely full of crabgrass. The last few nights I have been pulling it out with a small spade for hours but its never ending. I did not apply the preemrgent so I know this year is a lost cause and next year it will be the very first thing I do in the spring.

PS were in Saint Paul MN (I know my window is a little earlier than most)

I was thinking of overseeding like crazy in hopes to choke out as much as I can yet this year............live with crabgrass the rest of summer and then start by doing the preemergent next year .......But I dont own an aeretor and throwing seeds in grass full of clover and crabgrass seems somewhat useless?


Use Roundup to kill sections where the crabgrass has literally taken over and chocked out all the grass. Then overseed the areas now verse waiting for the frost to do this and having to start this next year when the grass will be competing with the germinating crabgrass?

Whats your opinion on using the Scotts starter fertilizer that has the Siduron (crabgrass preventer for new seedlings) and 18 23 4 fert ratio for the overseeded areas? What effect would going over the entire lawn with this product do as I will be spot seeding all over the place

Another question I have is how soon can you overseed after applying Roundup (from Home depot) My plan was to spray the areas this weekend. I own a 5hp tiller. How many days should I wait to till up the area. Or is that not a good idea because I could be potentially mixing in the seeds from the crabgrass into the soil ( don't they drop their thousands of seeds in the fall?) Or would the roundup have killed the seeds?

Any advice would be much appreciated

08-20-2005, 05:05 PM
If the crabgrass has literally taken over the lawn, you might do well just to kill the whole thing with glyphosate (RoundUp) and reseed the whole thing. Check the label on the RU and wait the recommended time before applying seed. Rent a slit seeder, and run it in 2 directions over the lawn. Do some research, select a seed mix that will work well with your conditions. Put down a good starter fertilizer. Keep it moist until it's established.

I think this might be easier than fighting the crabgrass. Just kill it all and start over.

Next spring put down the pre-m at the appropriate time. :waving:

08-20-2005, 05:30 PM
If your temps are going to continue to average over 50 degrees then I would apply tupersan (siduron). Without it you rsik the germination of crabgrass which will grow more aggressively than your turf seed mix.