View Full Version : walkbehinds.... toro or xmark

08-25-2005, 09:10 PM
ok guys, i know exmark and toro are the same company, but when it comes to being out there with the blades spinning, whats better, flat out?......52 inch by the way

08-26-2005, 09:33 PM
I am sure there may be a few exmark owners who will say it is better but flat out, what do you think?

Exmark is cheaper, so if that's better to you then exmark is better.

Otherwise, I use only Toro and by the way, the 52" is a floatdeck weighing 500lbs and does NOT fit through ANY 4-foot gates. The 48" is only 8 percent less deck but it's a fixed deck machine meaning it is lighter (and thus faster) weighing only 300 pounds AND will fit through MOST 4-foot gates. Besides that, the fixed deck comes with a 5-speed transmission while ALL floaters have the 4-speed, and guess which gear is the fastest :) Although BOTH are rated at 6+mph, there is NO way a 500-lb. whale in 4th gear is going to keep up with a 300-lb. Formula in 5th, my 48" outruns 52"s all day long, despite the fact I *MIGHT* have to make one extra pass.
Last but not least, once you've had to PUSH a dead wb around you may feel like I do that lighter IS better, especially when pushing it UP the trailer ramp.