View Full Version : What types of advertising do you do at your yard?

08-27-2005, 09:25 AM
Was wondering if anyone would like to share their advertising techniques with other yard owners.

We advertise in local newspapers, money mailers, local newsletters, and on our web-site with coupons. Our best response by far comes from the web-site and the money mailers. We do adds of 10-11% OFF. Would love to hear what others do.

08-27-2005, 09:28 AM
I don't do any advertizing at my yard, mines the last to be mowed. :)
But I have'nt advertized in over 2 years, word of mouth I guess.

08-29-2005, 01:02 PM
The original question was in reference to supply yards, not personal lawns.

jd boy
08-30-2005, 01:09 PM

you are really confusing people with the "yard" concept. i know it is very confusing so i can understand how people don't know what you are talking about!

08-31-2005, 12:06 PM
I have replied the response in the other message. I apolgoize for the confusion.

10-25-2005, 09:30 PM
I have the freeway in the backyard so I'm going to put up a sign back there.
Next exit

Lawns By Jimmy
11-02-2005, 02:59 PM
The thread is pretty confusing but I think I get the idea of what you are saying. I am going to be advertising in the yellow pages next year. Just my business name and phone number will be $22.00. I think it is more professional then a newspaper. I like the web site idea. For fathers day next year I have a idea of getting with the local radio station and having a contest. All the wives and kids in the town can write in to the station and write a 500 word essay why there dad deserves free lawn care for a year. I would just give the basic mowing for free and get some air time. Just a thought.