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09-01-2005, 09:11 PM
I am considering offering overseeding and aeration this fall to my customers an am looking for a good form letter or advertisment to send them. The midwest was hit hard by a summer long drought that has left a lot of lawns in poor shape.

I am starting to work on one of my ownbut thought I would do some networking at the same time. Thanks in advance to anyone who offers some help with this. I will post my letter when done.

09-02-2005, 03:25 PM
Critique if needed. Unfortunately, pricing is in line with going rate in the Chicago area. Cant work with that much. Turfenhancer seed costs me $1.79 / # = (20% Denim KGB, 20%Bluestar KGB,20% Midnight Star KBG, 20% Citation 4/ Manhattan 4 perrenial rye, 20% Quicksilver/ Salinas perrenial rye) Starter fert will cost about 17.50 for a 12500 sq/ft bag.

Drought repair special

Now is the time to repair the damage caused by this summerís drought. Fairway Lawn Care is offering a drought repair special, customized to your needs.
1) Aeration of entire property to reduce compaction caused by this summers heat and foot traffic will help turf heal naturally (up to ľ acre) $50.00
2) *Aeration of entire property with extra aeration passes along drought damaged areas and overseeding of affected areas with 20 lbs of a Turfenhancer Seed mix and fertilization of entire property with a quality starter fertilizer $ 150.00
3) *Aeration of entire property with extra aeration passes along affected areas and overseeding of entire property with 40 lbs. Turfenhancer seed mix and fertilization of entire property with a quality starter fertilizer = $250.00 per ľ acre = best value

*Aeration will reduce soil compaction, increase the seed-soil contact and improve germination and establishment rate. You can never over-aerify at this time.

** Regardless of lawn repair methodology you must water your lawn to strengthen existing turf and to help germinate newly seeded areas. Newly seeded areas should ideally be watered 3-4 times daily. Light frequent irrigation is the rule. Just enough to make the ground glisten and soften the seed kernel.

If interested, please initial next to the desired service and sign below indicating that you understand that the success of overseeding is greatly affected on the amount of irrigation the affected area receives. Please return this signed and initialed form with your bill from last months service

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09-03-2005, 01:37 AM
Just came back and re-read the form letter and discovered that the pricing for item three is incorrect, #3 should cost $200.00 not $250.00. If I sent out the letter without catching the error item #3 would cost 100 dollars more for than item #2 for an additional 20 lbs of seed.