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09-14-2005, 12:42 AM
Thanks to my wonderful neighbor I have some crabgrass creeping into my yard. I bought some Drive 75 and mixed an ounce with 3 gallons of water (backpack sprayer). I sprayed a very small section a couple of days ago.. and do not see anything happening yet. How long does it take.. to see it taking effect (yellowing)?

Thank you!

09-14-2005, 09:24 AM
Give it more time! Some products work more slowly than others and it also depends on how fast the crabgrass is actively growing.

09-14-2005, 09:26 AM
Did you also use a surfactant (about 1.5 oz)?

The area you sprayed must remain dry for at least 24 hrs afterward. If those conditions are met, you should see some results in about 1 week.

What have your temperatures been? Keep in mind that cooler temperatures will slow its ability to control the crabgrass. In the middle of Summer, I saw results in 3 days while the most recent application took twice as long.

09-14-2005, 10:31 AM
You need to use a sticker with it.May still take more than one app.Drive isn't all that. it will also volatize

09-14-2005, 02:04 PM
Thanks for the responses.. I'll wait a few more days.

09-15-2005, 09:14 PM
A recent class I took talked about drive 75. One of the things mentioned was using the correct sticker. I think it's called methalated (spelled wrong I'm sure) seed oil. I know I saw it on the label. Just take a look. He said that makes a big differance.

09-15-2005, 10:10 PM
This was recently brought up in the forum. You can use regular spreader sticker (surfactant) with Drive for post crabgass control. Drive has some pre-emergent qualities as well, but that control is said to only be acheived when using MSO as your sticker.

I've never seen MSO at my regular suppliers anyway.

09-16-2005, 12:27 PM
Definitely add the sticker. Problem you face is Crabgrass is a warm season annual grass and Drive performs best when the plant is young and immature. Spraying this late in the season CG is mature and hot weather is it's element.

I recommend you not mow for 48 hrs B4 or after application. Spray a fair amount onto the plant and hold off and moisture for 24 hours after treatment.

The product performs when used according to the label, timing is everything as it is with all herbicides. Spray the weeds when their young and treat them rough.

09-22-2005, 01:09 AM
When used properly, it should turn purple first.

09-22-2005, 05:23 PM
Drive 75 works best when both modes of absorption are used with the plant as well, the basf reps I've spoken with recommend that Drive be applied and then watered in after 10-12 hrs, that way it has time to be absorbed through the leaf tissue AND be taken up by the root system.
However this late in the year crabgrass is no longer translocating material very well it is at the end of it's life cycle. You will probably turn it red but it will be real slow to die.
Also you don't need to blame your nieghbor, there are literally millions of crabgrass seeds in your soil just waiting for the oppourtunity to germinate.
If your lawn thins out, is damaged, edged too severely, drought stressed,etc.,
crabgrass will germinate whether the lawn next store is the cover lawn for lawn care magazine or a vacant lot.

09-22-2005, 05:34 PM
Thanks for the advice guys.. it's dying a slow death.

Thanks TforTexas but I think I'll stick with blaming my neighbor as the main contirbutor to my CG problem!