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09-19-2005, 08:00 PM
my current method for installing lawn edging is to first mark the area with either marking paint or chalk line chalk sprayed from its bottle. I then cut the line all around with a standard Stihl stick edger. with a good clean line cut in the turf, i am then able to use a trenching shovel to dig the trench for the edging, and have a good, solid surface to spike the edging to. Once the edging is on and backfilled, i then cut the sod inside the planting bed into strips with the edger, and remove it with one of those shovel-handled turf lifters. It's a pretty efficient way to do the job with only basic tools, but it takes more time than i'd like. Now, without goung out and buying one of those gas-powered rolling edging trenchers, (bluebird bed-bug, etc.) has anyone found a more efficient method or tool for cutting planting beds?

Gilla Gorilla
09-19-2005, 08:56 PM
Yeah, get a employee to do it while you do the mulching or something else at that house. LOL

No really the only thing that I have found that is easy when it comes to cutting a new bed edge is my Brown Bed Edger. The best 2K that I have spent in the last two years.
I can redefine 450' of edge in less then 10 minutes and ready to mulch.