View Full Version : I cut the Grass with a Chainsaw

09-21-2005, 02:31 AM
It wasn't quite that bad. The before pics are about 2 weeks after I came and did the grass only. Mind you, the grass area is only about 10x50'. So not too big. This was my first house that I bought in February, according to the previous owner, no one had been in the backyard for more than a year. Befores and afters.

09-21-2005, 02:32 AM
During cleanup

09-21-2005, 02:33 AM
Still workin on it

09-21-2005, 02:34 AM
About 3 weeks after I finished.

09-21-2005, 02:35 AM
And about 2.5 months, June time.

09-21-2005, 02:48 AM
Looks good. Keep up the good work.

Wolfie's L&L
09-21-2005, 10:08 PM
Looks great! What all did you plant in that bed?


09-22-2005, 07:49 PM
We can tell you have really made some improvements as each consecutive photo shows. The grass is really lush looking -- what type is it ?


09-23-2005, 07:08 PM
espalier or straight vines for that trellis? Cannot tell the plant material either from the photos..but weiner dogs are always good for a smile

10-19-2005, 03:18 AM
Sorry for the delay, forgot about this post. The vines on the trellis are snail vines, pretty nice, really fast growing, and nice flowers most of the year. Planted some canna lillys (not seen in picture) a couple hibiscus, lantana and gardenia in the bed in front of the vines to add contrasting color. I'll get a more recent picture, its quite colorful this time of the year with the temperatures cooling off finally. The grass variety im not sure of, Bermuda obviously, not sure on species. Just about to scalp it off and plant rye for the winter, will show pics of.

10-19-2005, 06:20 AM
I know who to call when I need some landscaping done. Looks like you know what the **** you wanted to do right away. Great vision, looks spectacular. The shield on the weedwacker has got to go.

10-19-2005, 08:20 AM
Skidmaster, Thanks for the review. Ive upgraded the trimmer many a time since these pics, those were the early days, though it wasn't long ago.