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10-03-2005, 09:41 AM
I ranted about this before and I'm doing it again.

I can't get a freakin demo on any mowers around here except for toro and I have to pay to demo it. I can't believe this, people must not care what the mower is like and they all just buy them with out wanting to use the mower first.

I've only used exmarks before, the exmark is not an option because the dealer is too far away and he's a dyck. So I don't know how any of these other mowers feel or cut. So far i've tried hustler/gravely/cub cadet dealer and they'll let you drive it around on the gravel. The bob cat/ferris/scag dealer won't let you sit on them even. The toro/JD dealer charges to demo. And thats all we have around here.

To top it off my mower is broke and I won't get it back until tonight or tomorrow morning and I need to get these lawns done today, so if a dealer actually comes through, he's a lifesaver and will get my business. If I dont hear anything by 10 i'm going to just pay to get the toro. I really wish the hustler dealer would demo one because that is my number 1 choice for buying a mower but if I can't see how they do to see if I like the mower then theres no way I can purchase it. :dizzy:

10-03-2005, 10:07 AM
It took me a while to get a demo on my Gravely before I purchased it, you have to be persistant and keep asking about it. Most dealers assume you're just tryin to get a free rental if you have another machine down or are behind in the schedule.

10-03-2005, 11:03 AM
They probably know that they got you by the nads. I bet if you brought your mower to one of these dealers to have it fixed they would be more flexible about a demo or if you made it more apparent that you're not just some bum looking to use a mower for free.

Ultimately it's the dealers choice on who they allow to demo. Which I'd imagine is reserved for existing customers and reputable well known, well established, well liked LCO's.

10-03-2005, 11:46 AM
I called a hustler dealer about a month ago to ask some questions and he said "why don't you let me bring it out so you can demo it". I told him that it would be spring before I would buy. He still brought two mowers 50 miles one way for me to demo for about 2 1/2 hours. A Super Z 25/60 and a Fastrack 20/52. I will be buying a Super Z 28/60 next spring. Sounds like no one wants to sell a mower in your case.

10-03-2005, 01:04 PM
Same thing in my area. The only dealer that would let me demo one was JD and Kubota and both of them are 40 miles away and would bring it to me. That is why I own what I do. The Ferris dealer was the worst! Did not even want me to set on it, pizz on him.

10-04-2005, 12:15 AM
Well I got RAPED for 100 bucks to use the toro and i don't like it.

My mower was done at noon BUT i had alot to do so i figured ya know what, toro has to be good stuff, they own exmark now so hopefully they're just as good and I can get alot more done today. Well I had a 52" 23hp toro z, and it hugged b@lls. The anti-scalp wheels dug into the lawn if you turned on a hill or if there was a small hump in the lawn and you turned BAM you'd hit it. However, the cut it self was nice, going through some very thick grass that still had dew on it from last night, the mower cut right threw it (first lawn of the day). But, the discharge really was bad, it windrow'd real bad, seemed like it didn't cut up the blades of grass good enough so you could see the cut grass laying everywhere (no clumps but it was visable everywhere), the deck had alot of power, it was spraying the grass to the 3rd row over or farther but still the clippings weren't chopped up as I thought they would be.

All in all, I really dislike the mower and I'm out 100 bucks for riding a turd all day, I was 20 mins faster cutting three accounts on one road that normally take me 1 and a half hours with my 8 year old bobcat walkbehind. The bobcat disperses clippings better to me.

On a good note, sent an email to PJ with hustler and one of the Hustler reps is stopping in town tomorrow with a 60" super z and a 72" rear discharge that I can check out and try out for a half hour. Again, really nice that they can hook me up just a few hours after emailing them

10-04-2005, 05:19 AM
You are a better man then me i would never pay 100.00 to try it out. Dealer support is the key .Even if you have to drive 100 miles away or to another state i would.Don't take any dealers crap your the one spending money. Good luck.

10-04-2005, 06:01 AM
We get good service from Hustler over here too. Good stuff!
Let us know what you think of the SuperZ and the Diesel RD machine. Mixed results over here so far from RD decks. Good luck and you'll love the SZ! hehe I did so much, I bought one!

10-04-2005, 08:14 AM
$100 to demo the toro....

My J.D dealer wanted $1000 to $1500 to let me demo a new 997 with side discharge deck after originally demoing the rear discharge model which I originally disliked, but I ended up buying anyway due to lack of choice for a mower of this type in my area.

10-04-2005, 03:14 PM
Well I tried a 60" 27hp Super Z and a 72" rear discharge 27hp gas mower, plus he brought a walkbehind also.

I used the rear discharge mower in some pretty tall wet grass and it did ok, as the rep told me, they don't claim them to be a very good finish mower. In 4.5" grass or around there it did fine, left alittle bit of clippings to be seen but not bad. In the tall 6-8" stuff it left alot of clippings laying but didnt bog down at all. The deck is very quiet too.

The super z i used in some grass that was cut probably 4 or 5 days ago so it was hard to see its full potention. It did great in the tall wet grass though. Didn't stripe real well, but as for cutting and clipping dispersal, it did OK. The grass I was cutting was at my church and its horrible grass, alot of clover, so that could of did it. But the cut it self didn't give a truely 100% excellent look. Almost looked like a fixed deck mower cut it rather then a floating deck if you know what i mean. But there were no clippings to be seen. I'm still happy with the unit, plus I like the little features like the parking brake and the cooling fan and all the fluid coolers. Also, the speed is CRAZY! 15mph on that thing is hauling! I couldn't believe how fast that mower was, actually was alittle scarey going that fast in the parking lot.

Only problem is, the local dealer is an idiot, he'd rather try to sell me on a different brand, and I guess hustler isn't happy about this, the rep i talked to is going to be talking with them soon about the problem. So I'd have to drive an hour away to the next dealer, and I'm not liking that. The rep is getting me a price on the demo I used today that has 40 hours on it, so if the price is extremely great then I'll jump on it.

But I also stopped and talked to an exmark dealer that i've talked to before. He's about 10 mins away (the one thats right down the road is the dyck one, this guy is nice and straight forward). For some reason, I don't feel right on these other mowers, they feel..."flimsy" to me. So i wanted to check out the exmark since thats what i used to run. I must say, the 27hp 60" lazer z that i used is just hands down the winner when it comes to quality of cut. It really just blows all the other mowers i've tried out of the water. I was in 6" grass cutting it to 3 1/4" it did perfect, I was able to mower faster, the cut was perfect looking and the stripes were very nice. I got a price of 8300 for it with the suspension seat, I'm going to talk to the local guys son and see if his dad would be ok with me buying from them or if he dislikes me (long story) and see what he can do for a price.

10-06-2005, 08:31 PM
That blows my mind. Every dealer around here will let you demo. Mabey its cause one dealer lets you demo whatever you want to. I allways look around. The gravley and exmark dealers in this area have 2 demo units. a small one and a comercial one. But that is all they will let you use. The johndeere dealer is the gravley dealer so he dosnet push his deers ( no idea why) he pushes the gravleys. NOW our dixie chopper dealer will let you demo anythign you want off the showroom. That is why he has my business. I had my mower getting a pump changed and he let me take a brand new extreme 10,100$ MSRP that day and mow with it. No questions asked. This is how a dealership should be ran. Oh yea there is a grasshopper dealer too. Never even botherd with him. Has horriable service. Cant deal with people like that. Ive heard hes left peoples mowers un touched for 3 weeks. Thats redicilous.

10-06-2005, 08:55 PM
You paid to demo a machine. That was STUPID! You should never have to pay to try a machine out to see if you like it. I have demoed John Deere, Scag, Toro, Husqvarna and Hustler. And never had to pay for it.
If you want to demo a machine I would contact the manufacter. Then they'll contact your closest dealer and then dealer will set something up. If your down & out some dealers rent machines to ya. But never pay. There just scammers if there doing this to ya. Every dealer I went to had no problem letting me take a mower out. Good Luck next time.

10-06-2005, 10:20 PM
Go to the expo in Louisville and you can try out mowers till the cows come home.

10-06-2005, 10:24 PM
Something you might not understand. The dealers DO NOT have demos.
If there are any demos they are from the distributor. They will drop them off to a dealer for a day or two and then take it to another dealer. Now one thing for sure it depends on how many mowers your dealer sells in order to have the clout to have a demo there reo any length of time.

10-06-2005, 10:41 PM
The suprising thing about demos is that they are rarely necessary to sell mowers.

A dealer can have all the demo machines he needs but everything has a cost and the demo rebate certainly isn't as adequate as it used to be. A dealer tries to not lose too much when he sells a demo mower.

The professional, informed and knowledgeable LCOs know what they want and don't need to spend time demonstrating equipment. Recently, one of my customers called and told me to get 4 44" eXmarks ready and he sent 4 different crews by to get them. This customer has a couple of 48" eXmarks and had never even looked at a 44" but knew what he wanted and where he wanted to do business.

Last March I sold 15 Z mowers during a customer appreciation day and none of the customers even started the engines until they were ready to load them on their trailers.

If an LCO really needs to demo a mower he should be willing to cover the costs of a set of blades, fuel and return the machine in the same condition as when he took it. If someone feels they need to use a demo for a day or two he should be willing to pay the rental fee.

If anyone disagrees with this rental policy they should be willing to mow a prospective customer's yard for a couple of weeks to demo their abilities and skills.


10-07-2005, 12:40 AM
Something you might not understand. The dealers DO NOT have demos.
If there are any demos they are from the distributor. They will drop them off to a dealer for a day or two and then take it to another dealer. Now one thing for sure it depends on how many mowers your dealer sells in order to have the clout to have a demo there reo any length of time.

This is not ture. My dixie chopper dealer gets 2 " demo " modles every year and they discount them to him for this reason. At the end of the season he discounts them and sells them. Dixie must work with thier dealers better