View Full Version : Planting Winter Annual Flowers

10-26-2005, 07:56 AM
Ladies and Gents,

I have several commercial accounts that want bids on planting winter flowers such as pansies. Do any of you have any tips for rates of charge such as by the sq ft or by the plant or by the flat of plants? Otherwise I'll just have to estimate time and charge that way.


Az Gardener
10-26-2005, 08:42 AM
I am a residential service so keep that in mind, my avg home will plant about 6-10 flats and possibly 8-10 1 or 3-G specialty items like Geraniums or Impatiens I pay 9-11 per flat and 2.30 for 1-gal and 8.5to 11.00 for 3-gal specialty. I charge 42.00 per flat for 6-pac flats, 38.00 for 4" flats 13.00 for 1-gal and 38.00 for 3-gal. the price includes delivery and install and 30 day warranty. I charge extra for the bed prep, removing old flowers etc. at 42.00 per hour plus materials (Peat moss, bone meal, dispersol or sulfer,peralite in some cases, compost, and osmicote slow release fertilizer) marked up 55%

10-27-2005, 11:31 AM
I charge $40/flat of annuals.
(purchase - time - transport & placement after bed prep)
Extra for amendments material & fert
Labor @ $58/hr to spread amend and rototill the beds
Clean up and program clock to water bed areas
Should be finished Friday w/ annuals planting