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03-23-2001, 06:30 PM
i would like to know what is the best flowers to plant in spring(what time)and how far apart. thanks for the help.

03-23-2001, 09:07 PM
What kind of site conditions are you dealing with? Sun, shade. Flat area or a hillside? Generally moist soil or bone dry?
Is this for your home, or are you installing the plants as a contractor for one or more clients?
What are you looking for in the display and how much time are you willing to spend to water the plants?
What kind of planting beds exist?

There are many options for spring planting and annual displays. Once the frost threat is gone and plants become available is the time that you can begin planting.

Petunias, marigolds, salvia, impatiens, begonias, portulaca, coxs comb are just a few colorful seasonal flowers that continually reflower during the summer until frost. They all have various cultural requirements, ie. water, sun, soil.

Spacing depends on whether you buy a small "market pack", from Home Depot or local garden center, or spend more cash for 4-6" pots. It also depends on personal taste, whether you'll wait for the flowers to grow and fill in, or whether you're seeking an immediate display for tomorrow's barbeque.