View Full Version : Pricing In Ny

10-27-2005, 07:51 PM
I have questions about pricing which I'm sure is always a big topic in this undustry.... what is the nromal pricing or formula to get a price for the following:

1. Mowing
2. Aerating
3. Planting
4. Trimming
5. Clean-ups
6. Weeding
7. Eding (shovel)
8. Seed Renovation
9. Sod Renovation
10. Making Beds
11. Mulching
12. Overseeding
13. Spot Seeding
14. Transplanting

If I missed anything be sure to add if you like thanks.

What is a profit % that you guys mark up on your work? Do you try to be a 30% profitable business, etc, any information would be great thanks....