View Full Version : Stacked Rock Pricing Question

Varsity L&G
11-07-2005, 11:42 PM
OK, Stacked Rock Walls 4 to 6" base

Wall 1) 20' long 6" high slight turn and on a slight slope
Wall 2 & 3) 16' long 6" high 90* in middle
Wall 4) 23' long 2.5' high 45* in middle

Price for material is 170$ ton
I figured 2 tons

This sounds really Low or is it? I used the formula 3 times the cost +3 hours for prep. Estimate it should not take longer then 15man hours before it cost me to do it. This will be done with 2 man crew.

What can you tell me about building this type of wall? This will be my first one. I believe I have an eye for this but some tips and how to would be nice.

Maybe layout how the day should go and what order to get everything done smoothly.