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03-26-2001, 10:33 PM
Last September I entertained the idea of a "new" truck. I happened to browse auto trader for my area. I found an F350 crew cab diesle. For me this was a distant dream for all the F350's I had found were in the 5 digit range. This particular one caught my eye. I called only to get the nephew of the owner. I told him I was interested in the truck and wanted to know a little about it. He told me his uncle has it for sale and would not be in for a couple of weeks. He did tell me that he was the driver of the truck. That he frequently took trips to Arizona and New Mexico for his uncle. The guy was a perforator(hope I spelled that right) He did explosive work in the oil field for different oil companies. I pretty much said thank you for what ifo I got and wrote off the chance of getting that truck. About 2 weeks later I get a call and much to my surprise it was the owner. I was excited to hear from him. We agreed on a time for me to go out and look at it. The interior was a bit dirty but the dash was in excellent shape and the seats had been replaced less than a year ago. All that needed attention ws the carpet. Nothing a trip to the car wash wouldn't cure (pulled it out and took a power washer to it). The body was in good shape with the exception of a dent and a few scratches on the drivers side quarter panel, this was from leaving it in neutral at idle and rolling down a slight slope into his chicken coupe. The engine had 233000 miles on it, but it is a diesle. I had been told that the milage was not bad if it had been taken care of. So I asked for records and he presented. Mechanicaly it was kept up very well. Only one problem left that was my main concern. NO A/C!! He did offer to have that fixed had I really been interested. WE must have chatted for a couple of hours, we had friends in common. After chatting I asked what his bottom dollar was going to be. I had pretty much droped hints earlier on on what I wanted to spend. He told me he would take 6500. I was set to say deal but before I did I happened to ask him how much it would cost me to put 4 new tires on the rear of that thing, I had noticed they were a little thin for my liking. He replied around 400 bucks. I was willing to eat that expense but he changed his mind. I guess he figured he was resposible for new tires as well so he told me he would take $6100 for it. I then said "DEAL!!" Well after waiting a couple of weeks for the bank to get every thing lined up and for the owner to get back into town I got my new truck. Applied a little elbow grease in the cleaning department and now I have my self a crew cab dually. I figured it would be a while before I got one but it seems I got lucky.
I do have to say this is my first diesle and from now on I no longer want a gas motor. This thing hauls my equipment around with ease. I get 15 miles to the gallon in town, pulling equipment or not. Also I get 17 to 18 on the interstate.
I have to admit that I did have to put in a new fly wheel. Let me tell you that thing is not cheap...$500!!! other than that I have had no problems ....

03-26-2001, 11:09 PM
What yr is it?


03-26-2001, 11:22 PM
sorry I thought I posted...92 1/2

03-26-2001, 11:28 PM
I had an 86 with the 6.9 international diesel in it...Liked it alot! Pulled like a tank once ya got it started(which was tough at times!)but all in all a great truck. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine!


03-27-2001, 09:40 AM
Bry I love it and I will enjoy it as I do now. I have a buddy that is in the lawn business like myself and I talked him into a ford diesle. He found a good deal on an F250 ext cab but only one problem. It was an automatic and has the 355 rear end where as mine has the 410. His pulls good but it sucks the gas...best he has gotten so far is 11 1/2 to the gal...and his only has 65000 miles on it and is a powerstroke to boot...i just have the plain jane 7.3 lol..he is not really happy now

03-30-2001, 09:07 PM
cajuncutter, congratulations on your new truck.
You might want to visit http://www.ford-diesel.com
Lots of good help and info on Ford diesels.

03-30-2001, 09:59 PM
Thanks Art I will check it out. Thanx for the congrats as well.
Louis in Louisiana