View Full Version : Planting zoysia grass. Anyone have any experience?

03-28-2001, 08:35 PM
There are a couple of cultivars of zoysia (meyer & zenith) that are out today that can be seeded. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am converting my fescue lawn (in Ga where fescue suffers) to Centipede in the front, but was thinking about trying zoysia in the back where I have a lot of traffic. It is quite big so sod is out of the question. I also have a couple of clients (I cut grass part time) that also might be interested. I know it is slow to establish, but does anyone have any experience with the quality, establishment, etc of zoysia seed? Thanks!

03-31-2001, 04:03 AM
I've been wondering the same thing. Home despot sells a 1lb bottle of seed. I was tempted to buy some and see what happens. The seed is too expensive not to try a small amount 1st.

Fine Lines Lawn
03-31-2001, 09:01 AM
Plant some here in Indiana. My customers pay me big bucks to have it removed.

03-31-2001, 09:53 AM
Come to Jersey and plant some here to...everyone hates it, I am uncertain of the temps and soil in your areas but here zoysia is only green for about 2 1/2 months. Also it is very invasive and will take over just about everything in its way.

04-01-2001, 08:26 AM
I heard a story where 1 neighbor had their yard renovated and sod layed. The next year zoysia creeped over from the next door neighbors haouse and took over. Sod neighbor sued zoysia neighbor.


04-04-2001, 10:17 AM
Around this part of the country Zoysia is the elite grass. Bermuda is the fast growing evasive grass. Zoysia is slow spreading but very thick. No weed control problems with zoysia. Zoysia is very low maintenance, unless your a side discharger. If you mulch (exmark) its a beautiful carpet with a dark green color.

09-08-2004, 02:29 PM
I am planning on seeding with Companion Zoysia this weekend. I live in Las Vegas where the temps right now are about 100 during the day.

Is this an OK time of year to plant this seed?

I also wanted to know if Zoysia will overtake Bermuda?

The reason is my backyard is tall fescue, Bermuda started creeping in somehow in one back corner. I am surrounded by a conrete wall so it had to be seed. In any case. Once I get the front yard established can I plug the Zoysia where the Bermuda is and have it take over?

09-08-2004, 10:34 PM
Might want to check the city code. Some communities in the midwest at least, don't allow it.

CJ GreenScapes
09-08-2004, 11:55 PM
I also wanted to know if Zoysia will overtake Bermuda?

From my experience, zoysia will not overtake bermuda - and not much will. Ofcourse this is in my area and from what I am hearing, people in different areas get different results from zoysia (i.e. our's stay green for about 5 months).

09-09-2004, 12:54 AM
Might want to check the city code. Some communities in the midwest at least, don't allow it.

Do you know why?

The guy at Star Nursery said he had not heard of too many people using it yet. If it matters, I put a 6" divider between my and my neighbor. He said if he likes it I can take it out and let it take his lawn of tall fescue.