View Full Version : Instrument Cluster Wiring

03-29-2001, 10:30 PM
Heya guys, I have an '83 Fullsize Blazer, and I just recently purchased one of the Dakota Digital instrument clusters to go in place of my old guages. However, there are 17 wires in 18 slots on the block that plugs into the cluster. I was wondering if anyone knows what these wires go too? I realized I could check the individual wires for continuity to the chassies, but I would need someone to help me with that, and I am fresh out of minions. I have included a list of the numbers and colors below for your reading pleasure. The block has numbers on it. Note the Pink wire connecting 18 to 7. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Lite Green*****-1**|--18- Pink (**con 7)
Grey**************-2**|**17- Tan/White
Black*************-3**|**16- Pink/Black
Pink/Black*****-4**|**15- Dark Blue
Tan****************-5**|**14- **EMPTY**
Pink/Black*****-6**|**13- Yellow
Pink (**c 18)-7--|**12- Dark Blue
Black**************-8*****11- Lite Blue
Dark Green*****-9*****10- Black