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Bill Eh
12-03-2005, 10:59 AM
I'm looking at buying a 1993 Ford dual rear tire dump truck with a 7.3 diesel engine with an auto transmission. The truck has 100,000 miles on it. It hasn't been snow plowed. The asking price is $12,000.00 Canadian or $10,500 United States Dollars I did a search on this site and see some concernes expressed over the transmission in this model. Are there any other concerns I consider with this model and do you think the price is anywhere near reasonable? Thanks! Bill

12-03-2005, 11:36 AM
you may want to check thedieselstop for info on the truck. i have a '94 and was able to get quite a bit of info there. also keep in mind it definitly isn't a powerstroke. it isn't the best truck out there for towing very heavy loads. basically has the same HP and torque as an isuzu npr. that being said i am happy with mine. the price sounds a bit on the high side though.
take care,

Dirty Water
12-03-2005, 01:38 PM
If you plan on doing anything in reverse while hauling a load (trailer or in the dump), be prepared to spend $$$ on new input seals on the transmission.

...has '95 with the same tranny.

12-03-2005, 02:13 PM
is that the e4od trans?
I think its priced a little high also.

12-03-2005, 02:59 PM
Keep looking. I bought a 1999 PS 4x4 xlt in mint cond with 103k on it for 13,000.00 almost 2 years ago.

12-03-2005, 03:53 PM
just a couple of considerations, as far as i know that truck has the e40d auto, electronic overdrive, very weak and not to much you can do to improve, another thing is that the 7.3 diesel in that truck is a naturally aspirated, non turboed, you most likely will not see the big benefits of a diesel, in that motor because it is not equiped with the modern advancements that make todays diesels so popular, all in all a decent motor and will get the job doen just dont expect great miiliage or superior towing power, also the price seems a little steep

Gravel Rat
12-03-2005, 05:11 PM
It all depends on how the dump truck is spec'ed is it a swb truck with a 8-9' box or is it a lwb truck with a 10-11' box. Is the box a all steel mason box or is it a dumping flatdeck with sides ?

Is the truck a 4x4 or 2wd ?

A F-350 runs out of payload pretty quickly especially if its got a mason dump box on it your pretty much only looking at a 3000lb payload. A F-350 can gross 13,000lbs but its heavy the brakes are not that great on F-350s.

Myself I have been wanting 4wheeldrive and thinking about going back to a F-350 so I can have 4wheeldrive. The thought of going back to poor breaking power makes me wonder if its a wise move. To make a OBS F-350 to stop good you need to change the vacuum booster to hydroboost and try convert the rear axle to disk brakes.

I currently have a 95 F-Superduty (450) the truck carrys 6000lbs easily I have had F-Superduty trucks for about 5-6 years now. They can take anything I throw at them where as my previous F-350 2wds would suck wind with heavy loads.

As for the E4OD its not the best transmission in stock form you would need to have Brians Truck Shop down in the US build you a upgraded E4OD that will stand up. Personally I would never own a automatic trans equiped truck they burn up your brakes like you wouldn't beleive unless you have a new Torqshift. The manual transmission allows you to use the engine to help hold the truck back plus you can crawl down a steep driveway in first gear.

The old IDI will serve you well if its had the cooling system maintained if the SCAs where never kept up then your looking at a cavitation risk. The truck won't be a ball of speed but its reliable and fairly good on fuel. When the truck is grossing 12,000lbs you won't be breaking the 75-80km/h mark on flat ground.

If I was looking for a another dump look at a 88-97 F-Superduty (450) they only came as a 2wd but they are a tough SOB truck. They have served me well for my hauling needs. Here in Canada you will be very hard pressed to find a 99 or newer F-450 for anything less than 20 grand for a cab and chassis. Del Hydraulics wants about 7 grand for a complete dump box so you buy a 99 or so F-450 for 21,000 before tax plus another 7 grand before tax your looking at 28 grand the truck will never pay for itself.

I personally like the look of the OBS (old body style) or the 92-97 trucks I have had two of the brick body style (88-91) functional but not as nice looking. The 99 and newer Superduty really don't yank my chain I drove a 2002 F-550 for awhile and you slammed the door the sheet metal is so thin it viberated.

Keep searching you will find a little newer and heavier truck that will suit your needs unless all you are going to use the F-350 for is to do light work and carry tools.

12-03-2005, 08:13 PM
just a couple of considerations, as far as i know that truck has the e40d auto, electronic overdrive, very weak and not to much you can do to improve, another thing is that the 7.3 diesel in that truck is a naturally aspirated, non turboed, you most likely will not see the big benefits of a diesel, in that motor because it is not equiped with the modern advancements that make todays diesels so popular, all in all a decent motor and will get the job doen just dont expect great miiliage or superior towing power, also the price seems a little steep

There is so much bad info here about the E40D I am laughing....

The E40D is NOT a weak transmission. Your first line of defense is keeping the fluid and filter changed in it. The second line of defense is installing a deeper transmission pan such as a Mag-Hytec with cooling fins (not present on a stock pan), and adds another 3 or 4 quarts (not sure) to the fluid capacity, therefore taking longer for the fluid to get hot as well as providing extra cooling.

In the case of needing a rebuild, one should check out BTS (Brian's Truck Shop) in Arkansas, John Wood in Ca. or Suncoast in Ca. Everyone I know who has one from either of those businesses are very happy and a lot of them have well over 200k on them. Either one of the folks mentioned above will even work with a local shop as far as technical assistance and parts in your area to ensure that you have a good, heavy duty, long lasting transmission. All of them also carry a good warranty and they are great folks from everyone I've talked to. The best thing about these folks is that their rebuild kits and rebuilds do not cost but a few $$$ more than a Ford Reman (which I would not have if I had the option of a BTS).

You may be asking yourself how I know this--well I had a E40D in my old F-250 and it went close to 100k with no trouble when I traded it in. I pulled heavy loads regularly and it never gave me any trouble. Mine was completely stock, not rebuilt.

As far as the 7.3 IDI diesel remarks, they don't have the ground ripping power of the new diesels, but they do get good mileage unloaded, depending on the setup some trucks see upwards of 16-18mpg. Loading them down usually brings them down to 8-12mpg. They are no speed demons, they don't have that much of an aftermarket, but they are good solid motors.

Be sure to check the SCA level in the radiator though, the only real bug that plagues the 7.3 is a nasty little demon called cavitation. Your local dealer can check the SCA for you.

The price you said is a little high for a rig of that nature, I'd offer 8500 and walk.

Bill Eh
12-04-2005, 08:41 AM
Great information. Thanks to everyone. I'm in no hurry so I think the suggestion that I keep looking is good advice for me. All of your knowledge and experience is priceless. When I find another deal I hope you will all be
here to set me straight. Thanks again!


12-07-2005, 11:32 PM
small timer, maybe you can offer some insight as to what SCA refers to and how to prevent/repair, ive heard of cavaitation, just unsure of SCA's correct meaning, thanx

12-07-2005, 11:57 PM
SCA = supplemental coolant additive. There's not a repair for it. Cavitation s caused by the steam in the coolant which causes the water jacket inside of the cylinder walls to collapse. Once you get it bye bye engine. Ford calls their SCA FW-15, FW-16, and the newest is VC-8 all are made by Fleetguard who calls their SCA DCA4. Hope that helps.

12-07-2005, 11:57 PM
Gravel rat knows the IDI's well. SCA's are supplemental coolant additives that are put in the radiator to keep the block from getting pinholes into the cylinders.

The older 6.9's were not as bad as the 7.3 for cavitation. You can get test strips from a Ford or international dealer to see if the additives are present.

In my 7.3, I run Caterpillar ELC coolant. It is the five year red stuff with no need for any more additives.

Gravel Rat
12-08-2005, 12:09 AM
I used to be IDI owner and cavitation is the biggest fear as its a engine distroyer its known as the big "C". As stated the 6.9 IDIs were not as bad as the cylinder walls are thicker the 7.3 is the same block with the holes bored out bigger. You can fix a IDI by sleeving it and you never worry about cavitation ever again.

12-08-2005, 02:18 PM
I would go with at least a 1995 PSD 7.3. If you buy a 95-97 model the easiest way to help lengthen the life span is to get rid of the down tube on the exhaust and go with an aftermarket pipe. The OEM pipe has too many bends, and causes elevated EGT's when under load. You'll lower them signifigantly using an after market down pipe.

12-08-2005, 03:38 PM
The E4OD belongs in a Pinto, not a truck. We have had 26 rebuilds of them in varous year Ford trucks over the years. The biggest flaw is one I'll beat home once again. The transmission was designed so it will not flow oil in reverse gear. Thus, oil reaches boiling temperatures while pushing loads in reverse. No cooler will help you, because the geniouses designed it not to push any oil. The $R100 and the newest work of Ford engineering marvel, the Torque Shift are all designed the same way.

The E4OD will explode the front seal, because all the geniouses used to hold it in is Loc-tite.

The naturally apspirated 444 is a strong engine, but can't pull a booger out of a wet bucket of snot. It will get the job done very well, but you will replace 4 transmissions on average during the engine life. $2,500.00 each, do the math.
I have never had any 444 get over 12-13 MPG loaded or emtpy, and that includes the PSD version.

Price wise, factor you will loose a $2,500.00 tranny sometime soon, even if it has recently been rebuilt. Take that off the sale price and offer $7,500.00 assuming everything else is in fair condition. That's about all the truck is worth.

Gravel Rat
12-08-2005, 05:52 PM
In Ontario I think you will be hard pressed to find a truck thats not rusted out from road salt so if you do find a good truck its worth the money. A truck with a E4OD isn't my first choice either but the guys I know haven't had that many problems with them. The only problem most guys here have had with them is the computer malfuntioning. The contractors here especially the forestry guys put some hard use on their trucks they spend alot of time in 4wheeldrive.

The biggest problem with the 92 F-350 Bill is looking at is payload capacity. The twin I beam front suspension doesn't handle a good load worth a crap the coil springs can't carry enough weight. My F-350s use to ride on the front bump stops all the time so the only give was the tires. You took a corner too fast the front wheels would break loose in a corner its gave me a few scares.

Another problem is brakes I have had times where I crossed my fingers and hope I could stop. With the F-350s you try and I mean try not get the brakes hot if you do no brakes at all. With the gas pots I had drop it into 2nd gear (4spd) and let the engine scream oh ya hold your hand on the stick so it doesn't pop out of gear. With a automatic you drop it into first gear it will barely hold you back with a manual the weak link is the clutch.

When I went to my first OBS F-450 it was wow this is a truck this is what a 1ton should be. When I hauled 9000lbs or so of gravel on the truck it was then on ya these F-450s can handle anything I throw at it. You guys in the city are spoiled with paved roads easy places to get material too. You get into places like where I live your traveling kilometers off paved roads on single vehical width dirt roads just to get to some of these residential houses.

I was talking to a guy that delivers wood work like cupboards etc finished mill work on a sideline for a back haul he hauls bakery stuff one way and the cabinets the other way. We were talking about driveways he was telling me about this one steep concrete driveway his 1.5 ton van couldn't even climb he got part way up the tires just spun too steep. He had about 1000lbs worth of cabinets in the truck.

My neighbours have a driveway like that I took them a load of sand down to them going down the driveway was scarier than **** in first gear and both feet on the brake pedal I made the decent. I dumped the load and getting back out was a little bit of a problem the concrete was a little wet the wheels sure spun. I tried to limit the wheel spinning as a dually does leave some heavy black marks.

Anyhow enough rambling :D

12-08-2005, 08:08 PM
Nice writeup there Uniscaper!!!