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Island Lawn
04-04-2001, 01:06 PM
My first experience with a bed edger today.
Fast and effecient but, it popped more than my cherry.

I just re-trenched some existing beds that had lost their definition.

I rented it from my equipment dealer, after I corrected him on which way to direct the "spray". (He wanted to put it on the lawn instead of mounding the beds.
I guess he never looked at a picture, much less use the thing!
This is the same guy that tells me that sharp blades dont matter!
He is the largest dealer around!
I could revoltionize the industry here w/ sharp blades if I could get more people to pay my high azz prices

BUT back to the bed edger & my inexperiece.
The guy tells me that I have to pull it backwards & showed me sticker on the machine proving the direction of travel.
This was news to me. I thought I would go foward. BUT no biggie, I'll just go backwards.

to make a long story short,

I ran over 5 termite bait stations and 1 sprinkler head!!

What are these daned things doing in the existing trench??

I'm assuming I'll have to pay for this stuff. Homeowners weren't there at the time. I plan on calling them this evening.

How much do you figure I'm in for?

BTW This is barter work. I'm not getting paid, I'm settling debt.

04-04-2001, 02:01 PM
Boy, I thought this'd be a cake walk, but the last part kind of buggers it up.

If they had conversations with you and didn't tell you about that stuff at the time, I don't know if I'd assume any responsibility. It depends on the project. If it's $15K worth, sure, I'd eat it. If that's the only thing you did for them, I'd probably make a fuss.

I don't know jack about sprinkler heads and their cost, but I would imagine it woudln't be too much, and you can replace it yourself.

And the termite bait stations - we don't get termites around here that I know of - is it like a roach motel?

I wish you luck. :)

Island Lawn
04-04-2001, 06:09 PM
Termite bait staitions are cylinders w/ holes all through it so termites can access it, take the bait, and take it back to the hive.

I just got off the phone w/ the homeowners.
They tell me the pest control guy will replace them at no charge.
They are going to talk to the sprikler guy later.

I may have to buy a new sprinkler head for the cost of this education.
In previous educational experiences, I learned the art of replacing sprikler heads.

Wonder what I'll learn next?
But if I knew the answer to that question, I would have nothing to learn!

Hindsight is 20/20!
I should've checked the edge of the bed for these kind of things BEFORE I went to blazin!

04-05-2001, 11:33 PM
your insurance should cover that