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04-05-2001, 09:32 PM
I have a client who owns a hotel on the beach,well she has 8oo sq ft of grass in the back well she wants me to install a type of walkway made from stone to go into the center of the grass so people will not destroy her grass,here is the catch she wants me to lay this rock down but in between the rocks she wants grass on the whole walkway in between the cracks ,,my question is this is there a name for this type of walkway and if so are there any pics or info on building this type of walkway..... any info would be great...

04-05-2001, 11:23 PM
the name is turfstone its a lattice-style grid paver 23 5/8 x 15 3/4 3 1/8 thick 2.6 sq. ft/pc it can be filled with stone or grass the company that makes it is ideal pavers 508 336 5363 supplier in my area

04-05-2001, 11:27 PM
found more info for you 180024ideal or wwwidealconcreteblock.com

04-05-2001, 11:41 PM
wow THANKS grade I will look into this>>>

04-06-2001, 01:13 AM
Ron, she may be looking for a slate walkway with grass in between slabs. This would be much more aestheticly pleasing than turfstone. Hope this helps


04-06-2001, 02:17 AM
Just one thing you may want to consider, If the walkway is in full sun. The thin strips of grass between the stones may cook when the stones heat up from the sun. I have seen this teqnique used mainly in partial shade areas with some sucess. It looks better in full shade where the cracks can be filled in with moss instead of grass.
Good Luck,
Jim L

04-06-2001, 04:35 PM
greens1 is on the mark. One other idea to consider - if you can use stones that are large enough, having large spaces between them would look good, also. That way there's less chance of baking that turf.

Like stones that are cut, 2'x3' or bigger, with 12" gaps between them, where the turf would be.

Hey, greens1, did you grow up in Gross Pointe? I played soccer for Utica Eisenhower in my high school days, and I recall beating up on South and North.

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04-06-2001, 05:19 PM
Hi Stonehenge,
yeah I grew up in GP. I think you may want to get your memory cheaked though. We generally gave Utica a pretty good trouncing.LOL
Jim L

04-06-2001, 05:27 PM
I'm sure you did trounce Utica HS. But Eisenhower? Maybe after I left. You guys sure had nice unis, though. We had to have car washes to get our Umbros. :D

04-06-2001, 05:51 PM
Thats pretty good. LOL
Jim L

EarthTech Landscapes
04-07-2001, 02:55 AM
in an application that is a high traffic area i would suggest trufstone, it has always held up well for us.