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Gravel Rat
01-13-2006, 09:02 PM
A local contractor hired me to haul some truck tires today 26,000 dollars worth :eek:

I didn't have a camera with me but its one of the more expensive loads I have hauled. It was 6 tires close to 1000lbs each 2 stacks of 3 which stood as tall as me (5'9") and took up pretty much the deck length (12 feet).

It was a little top heavy and with the first stack against the headache rack with 1 full tire above the rack if it ever slid forward it would have done some damage to the cab of my truck. The guys at the tire shop said you won't get all 6 on they really didn't like the 3 stacks but I had no choice I didn't like it either.

I'am sure glad I didn't have to pay for those and you think you can ruin a tire by a rock gashing the sidewall open.

China bought up half the worlds supply of large tires the companies like Michelin etc are having a heck of a time making them fast enough. The tires I picked up were very hard to get if you are a contractor with rubber tired equipment like articulated dump trucks your on a waiting list for tires.

It was the first heavy load I hauled on the truck since I bought it and I was pleased the way it handled. The brakes are good and the PSD does pull alot better than my old IDI. I found today the truck pretty much pulls the hills close to the same empty. I couldn't go too fast as it was top heavy plus the tires wiggled and it shaked the truck.

All in all the way the PSD handled the load I think I may stick with a PSD even thou its mpg isn't that great.

01-13-2006, 11:59 PM
Gravel Rat where in BC are you ???

Gravel Rat
01-14-2006, 12:46 AM
On the south coast a little north of Vancouver.