View Full Version : 2002 5" x 12" trailer w/2' metal sidewalls & gate

01-25-2006, 03:16 PM
The trailer is a 3500 lb. single axle. Trailer made by C & H. Two different dealers where I was looking to trade in for a 16' trailer offered me $500 and $450 last year. I am thinking about buying a used 16’ trailer so trying to sell this one now. I am asking $475.

I bought it new in 2002 and use it for part-time mowing. It came with used tires and one tire needs replaced (for $45 at Wal-Mart). I didn't have the correct tire pressure and it is now bald on the outside area. Other tire looks fine.

I added 2 angle iron 4' lengths to the gate last year to reinforce the mesh gate. The wood flooring was not treated so I added two pictures showing where it is starting to wear out. Some wood may need to be replaced in 2007 but should be okay this year.

IM me if you have questions, want to see it or make offer.