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K&L Landscaping
02-09-2006, 10:52 AM
The day's of me paying at least $18 per blade for JD O.E.M. blades are over. I really like to support my dealer but he has made PLENTY off of me in last two year's. I am going to aftermarket blades exclusively this year. My question is this: I need to know the center hole measurement's of the blades but I can't find it in my manuals, JD's website and my dealer doesn't even know. Does anyone know the measurements of the following: 997 72", 777 72", 757 60", 717A 48", 7H17 48". All I need is the center hole dimensions. I know I could go to the shop and measure them myself but that would require me to go out in the snow and cold. That's not happening today:)

02-09-2006, 11:10 AM
I actually bought a 737 Deere last week. The standard blades on it are massive. About double in weight compared to my exmarks. The center hole for it is 7/8. The 757 is 7/8 also. I am not positive on the other mowers. Center holes for most commercial mowers are 5/8. One web site is www.mowmore.com. There are a few others also out there.

02-09-2006, 02:11 PM
Do you have a way to measure it yourself?
JD can be a pain trying to find blades for, especially if you want a blade other than the stock style blade. They use oddball sizes for many of their blades.
Generally speaking for:
48" Deck Blades= 29/32", .904"
54" Deck Blades= 7/8", 13/16", 51/64"
60" Deck Blades= 7/8"
72" Deck Blades= 29/32"

02-09-2006, 05:31 PM
on the j.d website, go into j.dparts, search for each mower model, then break the search down from the menus, it gives specs on each blade.
I've used deere blades and aftermarket blades, I woulkd prefer to spend more on deere blades, they are good. bit more variety like toro makes would be great though.

here are 2 blades that fit a deere 60'' deck.

the 2nd one is for the 7 iron, very high sail.

Part Price: 36.58 AUD EACH
Description: BLADE, CUTTING (60")

Weight 4.21 LBS 1.91 Kg
Length 535.000 MM
Stock Width 63.500 MM
Thickness 7.920 MM
Wing Height 25.000 MM
Hole Size 23.000 MM
Cut Length 110.000 MM
Offset 18.000 MM
Material 5150
Finish A


Part Number: TCU15881
Part Price: 43.07 AUD EACH
Description: BLADE, HIGH LIFT 7-IRON

Weight 4.30 LBS 1.95 Kg
Length 535.000 MM
Stock Width 76.200 MM
Thickness 6.350 MM
Wing Height 33.000 MM
Hole Size 23.000 MM
Cut Length 120.000 MM
Offset 18.000 MM
Material 10B38F
Finish A