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02-21-2006, 04:41 PM
FREE "Golfscapes" Pictorial Magazines

FREE "Golfscapes" Pictorial Magazines

We have approximately 2000 pictorial magazines that we are giving away for FREE.
All we ask is that you pay the postage to get it to you.

"Golf Greens Sell More Landscape Jobs"
You may sell a $3,000.00 golf green with $5,000.00 of landscape around the green.
Go to our 400 picture photo gallery on our website to see for yourself: http://www.allprogreens.com/photogallery.htm

We sell the Pictorial magazines for $2.25 each. However, we are doing this to help you sell our product so take advantage of this FREE offer


Each magazine includes over 150 photos of greens:

Greens With Water Features
Greens With Sand Traps
Greens With Landscaping
Greens With Fringe
Greens With Borders
Stand Alone Greens
Lawn Turf

This 33 page full color magazine will help your client to envision a dream green in their backyard. This magazine is packed full of many different kinds of installations from stand alonegreens to greens with waterfeatures. A golfer is sure to find a green that he will like in his backyard,and his spouse is sure to find all the extras withwhich she can decorate around the green. You can expect agreat reaction from potential customers when they see all the options that they have to choose from. Once they show this to their golf buddies and co-workers,you are sure to see more sales leads for your golf green business.

Call today and order before they are all gone! 800-334-9005

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