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02-27-2006, 08:52 PM
Well like the title says. I have a demo on the 1st of March. Any one have anything to say?

Currently we have a case 60xt and it has been in the shop 13 times now. It has um what 200hrs on it. We made all our money this year there rentals.

We need something that is for moving gravel and rough grade on yards and driveways. Need to be able to fit into the garage of new homes.

And anyone know a base price?

Any others to consider?

Any problems?

02-27-2006, 09:20 PM
What problems have you had? I have a 70XT with 1500 hours and except for two hoses I have not had any problems. Did you buy it new?

02-27-2006, 09:25 PM
What are you able to deal?

If they give you a price, try to work the price down or an attachment or what?

What did you buy, what did you pay? In this size category 2,000lbs working load and down.

Thank you in advance, Jordan

02-27-2006, 09:34 PM
Yeah, new

Well.. This is just a few.

The e brake will come on while driving in high speed. (talk about a stop):dizzy:

The pulleys just froze up. (20*F) The dealer told us we cant keep it outside? :confused:

The lap bar sensor is messing up, the wire is getting in the way from them messing with it

When we shut it off, it will starve itself for fuel for 30sec to 4 min until it dies.

There are quick access panels that vibrate like no other.

They said the fuel injector pump may be going out? Said $5,000?

Well that is the most recent. There sadly enough is more. We told them that this is outrageous so we got and additional 1 year warr from March 2006

02-27-2006, 09:43 PM
I just got a price quote for a CASE 440 two speed, ride control, hyd. coupler everything except the cab enclosure. Price is 32K. This will be my 17th CASE skid steer so we have a good understanding after all these years and machines. With the internet pricing is easy, I would find a machine you like and get three different bids, bring them to your local dealer of whatever brand and tell him you want to make a deal. I would make every effort to buy local but in order to get the best price atleast on the first machine you may have to use bids from out of you area. I will price other dealers every so often to be sure that I am gettting the best deal. I have not been taken yet. The important part is realizing that it is a partnership that your entering into with the dealer and manufacturer. An example a good friend of mine had a 416C that was a POS. The guy is a die hard CAT guy (except for his CASE skid steers) CAT got him out of the machine and into another. I had a skid steer that had problems. CASE and my dealer got me out of the machine and into a new one. If I had a skid steer that had 13 trips to the shop in 200 hours I would have been into a new one on their dime (assuming I bought it new from them).

02-27-2006, 11:16 PM
So you are saying that case may be better then CAT? Its really a quality thing im looking for. We had a 40XT for a rental last time and it was nice. I like eitherís controls. I prefer the CAT I think. Its been a little while. thatís why I have a demo ready We tried to get a new machine but they just gave us a longer warr. so we figured if we still have problems after this then that may be an option.

Let me know what you think. I really donít know many people around here that do this. We had a New Holland and traded it for the case... but it didnít have any problems. I am not a fan of the T controls.

Do I just go to the contact page and ask for a price? How long does it take to get a reply? I was talking to a local dealer and he wonít give me an exact price on a 226B Im just looking for a price range. I really canít exceed 27,000. So let me know

Thanks A lot Jordan

02-28-2006, 01:38 AM
Do I think that CASE skid steers are better than CAT? I do, but that is my opinion and others will vary. Case will be releasing their pilot controls in the third quarter, so if you like pilots that soon will be an option. I would go to some of the heavy equipment sales websites (MLS, Point 2 etc) and call on different machines. It is always best to talk to a salesman in person or atleast on the phone verse email. Tell them what your looking for and have them fax you a quote. If your not happy with you 60XT I would pressure the dealer to trade you out of it now. Although the 40-70XTs have been very good machines, the 400 series machines are very sweet. Case is currently offering extended warranty coverage 3 years 4000 hours on engine and powertrain along with low interest. Now is the time to move on one. The offers are over March 31st. Demo a 440 with two speed and ride control. Then twist your dealer for a killer deal due to pain and suffering, or threaten to go somewhere else.

02-28-2006, 03:25 AM
I cut my teeth on pilot controls in a 99 model 226. It is a very solid and versatile machine that went through some very rough work. I was actually looking at it today and it has got 3500 hrs on it and it is still going strong. I changed a few flat tyres on it but it has never missed a beat in that time. I like the larger machines but the 226 is a gutsy performer. I doubt wether you will have a problem. The 226 is Cats biggest seller here.

The run on thing after shut down - your not the only Case person with that problem at the moment.

With height, just check all the specs first, Cat skids are not exactly short. I think Mustang is about the best in that regard.

If you have never run pilot controls on a skid before it will take time to get used to it (I was bouncing all over the place at first) but its well worthwhile.

02-28-2006, 03:28 AM
You should be able to get a 226B for under $27,000K, depending what you put on it. I wish I had a new 226, I want the TURBO. Someone want to steal me a turbo from a 226B and I'll fab a manifold to fit our 216.

02-28-2006, 07:32 AM
You should be able to get a 226B for under $27,000K, depending what you put on it. I wish I had a new 226, I want the TURBO. Someone want to steal me a turbo from a 226B and I'll fab a manifold to fit our 216.

Just do a Bill and jam the Mitsupillar 3044 into the 216. 80 horses in a 216...that would be wild.:laugh:

02-28-2006, 11:36 AM
OK well i have used the cat controles before just for a short time and i remember liking them.

Out case its not the 60XT it is the 430. We had a rental and my father said the rental was the next size down so i figured... Its been in the shop so much, and when i am on it i just wasnt sure of the size. We have had new hollands and case for rentals..

Want to hear something funny...

The seccond time we took it in for warr work, we got our trade in for a rental. It was the NH L160

our fits in most of the spots I need to be. The 40XT has a domed roof and that is close going into the garage.

What would one reccomend getting on the 226B for options... what may i be able to squeze in the deal?

bear with me, i just got do plowing, needless to say i didnt get any sleep.

We need a machine soon, i have a bunch of jobs comming up here soon, next week?
Well any other input is welcome, And thank you for thus much so far, Jordan

02-28-2006, 02:05 PM
You should be able to get a cab with A/C for $27,000. I'd suggest that, although it isn't necessary. Some people prefer bucket levelling, although I never use it.

02-28-2006, 08:53 PM
What all do you plan on doing with the gravel?

We have a 236B and we use stone(pretty much like gravel) a lot for slab preps.

The 236B is fine as long as the bucket stays fairly low....get the bucket high and it wants to tip more. And the 236B has steel tracks....so it can lift approx. 300+ more lbs than the 226B.

At the same time.....ive been spoiled by using a 262B alot too.

03-01-2006, 12:54 AM
I am starting this summer working for a housing developer and we are going over the yard and doing the rough grade. Also we are going to be doing the temp driveways. Putting crushed concrete down and putting the walk ways in up to the front doors. Then the concrete guys come and finish the drive way later on. We have to also level out in the garages so they can pour. The other thing in cleaning the streets. Power pick-broom. That is the main uses. We also take on side jobs, but i have the Case 430 if i need a little bigger, and we have the mini and dozer so I'm looking for the best in its class.

The houses we are on some are close to each other and needing to be able to get into the garage.

Main Stone:

Crushed Concrete
Lime stone
Sand Gravel Mix