View Full Version : How many miles on a Ford Tranny?

04-21-2001, 01:54 PM
My automatic is going out with 60k on it! Ouch! Does anyone use a flusher? How many miles does everyone average before tranny overhaul and what type of terrain do you drive in?

04-21-2001, 08:02 PM
I have had Ford trucks with over 200,000 miles on them before I traded them. These trucks have plowed, and worked hard, as well as many easy high way miles. If you change your tranny fluid 2x time a year, and don't shift with out stopping. Your tranny will last a long time.


John DiMartino
04-21-2001, 08:27 PM
Im not trying to start a brand war,but 60K around here is about all you usually get out of one,if it was towed/plowed with.Most guys service them every 30K,which I feel isnt enough for HD service.

05-07-2001, 11:28 PM
yeah a good friend of mine has a 97 auto psd dump truck f350 he is now on his 4th trani? 2 new ones and 2 rebuilt ones. 2nd rear end he did the chip on the shift arm last winter. but now he has i think about 150K on it. he pulls big chippers, goin off road, plowing, etc.