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04-25-2001, 11:03 PM
Are any of you guys members of a group/coop rate health care plan specific to out industry? Seems that if there is a fair amount of folks on one large policy that the rates might be a little more affordable. As I make steps towards going full time this is a large concern. If you think about the numbers of full timers on LawnSite you could probably come up with a good 40 to 50 at least which would probably qualify for some sort of group rate right there. What are your thoughts?

Ben Johnson
Johnson Lawn Care

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05-05-2001, 02:47 AM
My thought is this. Are you married? If so don't waste your time, get on your wife's insurance through work if she is employed. I'll assume now that your wife stays at home, get a group policy with you and her on it. As long as you are both generally healthy your premiums will not be too high. Assuming you are single: Call a couple of individual providers, cross your fingers, and then bend over.