View Full Version : Bed Edging Questions Please Help

03-13-2006, 03:12 PM
im in the process of purchasing (2) trenchmaster 991H's from brown mfg. my questions are as follows
1) does anyone use them? 2) do they hold well under heavy use? 3) do they actually do 10-30 feet per minute for new beds or is this exagerated? 4)do they do 10-30 feet per min redefining beds? 5) what are baal park prices for both redefining existing edged beds and for edging new bedskeeping in mind there are no obstructions or hardscape diamond edging being installed afterwards, i just need some industry standards on this as im new to this service, i have 160 homes to start all needing appr 45 feet of natural edged border. ANY HELP IN THIS MATTER WOULD BE APPRECIATED