View Full Version : Speed important (health reasons) , so considering Chopper. Advice???

04-26-2001, 07:04 PM
Due mainly to back injuries and their resulting disc degeneration, I cannot use just "any old mower" now.

We have approx 2.7 acres that get mowed, and most of it is in two big open patches. I know that isn't a drop in the bucket for most of you, but it takes four to five hours with our old Kubota with Woods mower (a 1978 B6100E-14HP with a Woods mower of same age that I didn't like even when new).

The solution most of you are think of is- hire someone. We have, and the results were excellent. But at $100 per visit, plus $25 for trimming, it will add up to equal the cost of buying newer, faster equipment quickly.
(OK, I always liked doing it myself except for that pain thing.)

I went shopping. Dixie Choppers are built six miles from our house. Naturally that is what the dealers in this area push, especially after learning the importance of speed. And I like the idea of being 10-15 minutes from the factory myself.

My questions are- Are they really that much faster? I realize that just about anything is better than what we have now, but I've heard estimates of 1.5 to 2 hours for our yard with a 19HP/50" Chopper.

And- here are the Dixie Chopper models under consideration-

X1701-50: 17HP Kohler/50" (anniversary model, I have only found one.) $4995

X1901-50: 19HP Kawasaki/50" $5,995

X2002-50 or-60 Kohler 20HP/50" or 60" $6495,either deck.

1-The X1701-50 seems a little on the small and weak side compared to the others.

2-But the X1901-50 is $1,000 more for 2HP (although a better engine, my opinion).

3-And another $500 over that X1901-50 gets a supposedly heavier-duty model X2002-50/60 with the option of a 60" deck, but can it handle 60" with 20HP?

4-The 2002 sounds good, but one salesman told me the X2002-XX has trouble with wheel motors going out. True/False?

5- $1,000 difference seems a lot of $ difference between the 1701 and 1901 for what you get. Also, $500 difference between the 1901 and the 2002 sounds like a bargain.

What's a guy to do??????
Any opinions are welcome

04-26-2001, 11:24 PM
Round up i'm not experianced with the chopper's but i demoed a ferrise today the spelling wrong but i'm sure someone will correct it,the one i demoed had 4 wheel independent suspension 72 inch deck 31 horse diesel ground speed of twelve mph,i could not find any grass that would slow this thing down it was sweeeeeeet not to mention it had a smother ride than my 4*4 f150 good luck in your search

John DiMartino
04-27-2001, 12:10 AM
I have 2 partially herniated discs,and A Dixie Chopper xw 2500.If I were you ,I would demo the Dixie,then the competition.It rides decent-but it has a bucking motion that never stops,even on smooth lawns.That bucking kills my middle back,which never was a problem until I bought the Dixie.I feel it bucks becasue of its high riding height,which exagerates any forward/rear pitching.I drove my Cousins ZT200 bobcat-it does not buck at all,much easier on the back.The Ferris is probably your best bet.Comfort should be your #1 concern,since all commercial mowers will cut good enough for you anyway,and even the worst one is a lot easier to fix than your spine.Good luck

04-27-2001, 12:21 AM
Find one with a suspension seat.

04-28-2001, 12:31 AM
If it is just for your home lawn you may want to consider looking for a used Torro groudsmaster under golfcourse equiptment. It rides like a Caddi compared to most turf equiptment. We hired a lot of " old timers " at the golf course and never had any complaints when we put them on the 72.Demo before you buy.

Good Luck,
Jim L

Eric ELM
04-28-2001, 10:44 AM
John, try leaning forward a bit and you will be amazed how much better the ride is. I sit clear back in the seat so I have lumbar support and then lean ahead slightly.

I would suggest getting a 60" deck since the wider wheel base will give you a better ride and better stability on hills. The XW2303 is a nice unit since you get the good seat and an OCDC.

A 20hp will power a 60" deck just fine. I have had 2 of the 20 HP Magnum Kohlers on 60"ers. I now have a 22 hp Kohler on a 60" and a 26 hp Yanmar diesel on a 60". If I were to buy another gas engined Chopper, I would get the 23 hp Kohler or 24 hp Honda.

05-03-2001, 10:36 AM
Thanks everybody!

We bought a Dixie Chopper X2002 w/50"HD deck. We got a demo at our home, and bought the demo. That was Saturday. I cut our lawn on Saturday, and my wife cut it on Tuesday. We are happy so far!