View Full Version : Direct Mail does it work?

Holloway Lawns
04-29-2001, 05:23 PM
Thinking about doing a direct mail campain to a certain zip code. Have any of you done this and if so what were you results. Also what did you send a letter or post card? Did you use any special offers?

04-30-2001, 01:50 AM
Ive done that a few times, worked ok, nothing special, but it was worth it. Im going to try it again soon.

05-05-2001, 02:32 AM
I mailed out 2,700 post cards last month. Cost? About $1,200. I offered the first month free upon signing a years contract.
I was very disapointed. I got 4 phone calls. The general rule for direct marketing such as mail outs. The return should net at least 2%. NOT 1/2%
Good new is that I closed all 4.
I will never do a mass mailing again.
But, I will try a saturation of a certain geographic market area to economize.

Holloway Lawns
05-05-2001, 07:05 AM
I went to an area and passed out flyers on doors. I made two estamates while I was out doing thing and when I got home I got a call from a lady in that area wanting an estamate and come Monday I will be back in that area doing some work. I spent maybe 1 1/2 hour passing about 200 flyers out. I am happy with the results of it maybe one or two more call I would be real happy.